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  1. I’m a about to be 16 year old girl from a small Asian country, Bhutan. I love K-pop with all my heart and I’ve started LOVING Boyfriend. You guys are just sooo cute and since some of y’all are born in 1995, I love y’all more since I too am a girl born in 1995 =)

    Boyfriend, FIGHTING!!!
    Hope y’all reach the top.

    Sarang Hae^-^

    • Hi~ nice to meet you^^ I was born in 1995 too! And I am a big fans of korean boys who was born in 1995… (especially BOYFRIEND~) I tried my best to search on korean boys who was born in 1995 and I found 12 of them. Other than 3 members of Boyfriend, do u know who else (korean boy) was also born in 1995? If you know can u tell me? I want to know plz~ Thanks^^ ( I am not good in English… sorry for my broken English^^)

    • I’m 16 too (: yeahhh ’95’s! (: I was so excited when I learned that the latter of the group is all my age too… Min Woo’s birthday is just days before mine! I was like :o I’m Canadian btw; it’s difficult, because i have no idea where I can even buy anything asian let alone korean \: I think I’ll have to order everything online )’: anyways (: I just wanted to say that I totally know where you’re coming from! (:

  2. I am a 16 year old girl from a small Asian country, Bhutan. I love K=pop with all my heart. Recently, I’ve started LOVIN’ Boyfriend a lot. You guys are just sooooo cute, young and good-looking (: I’d die to meet y’all.
    Plus some of you were born in 1995 like me so it makes me wanna love y’all more.

    Boyfriend, FIGHTING!!!
    사랑해 ^^

  3. I love Boyfriend!!!
    All the members are cute in their own way and very talented.
    I was surprised when I first saw Minwoo’s age; he’s still my oppa though (I’m a ’96 baby) :)

  4. Yeah it’s still me :)
    BTW In Korean it’s Hyun Seong-oppa’s birthday :)

  5. i’ am from Philippines… and the first time i saw the BOYFRIEND i was so amaze… they are so awesome.. i like them.. no… i mean i love them…..

  6. Ahhh <3 I've been a k-pop fan for maybe 2 years now and am 13? And I've gotten to know many older k-pop bands but because I've only gotten into k-pop recently, I missed out on watching many groups grow. Especially bands that are going solo right now like SS501. I love boyfriend and am excited to see how they will grow as singers and people as the years go be. Fighting! Oppas Saranghae. Minwoo <3

  7. i am from cambodia . i really love k pop . i wish i can face them . boyfriend you are so handsome and cute . now i am going to be your fun . fighting

  8. I’m too obsess with BOYFRIEND group….They too handsome and young to me especially Yoongmin and Kwangmin!!!!!!So cute…..

  9. years are passing… I’m already 16 and soon 17, since my birthday is in october

    I wish they will become more and more attractive.. :))
    hope they won’t break down just like DBSK did in recent years.

    they are sooo young, I’m willing to see their true talent^^
    release new song soon!!!! <3

  10. hi every one i can help in this websit if u want i am 17 years old from seoul i know alot about thim and the kpop imean new information if u want

    • cool! you’re from seoul? i wish i can go there someday… u live there now? if u do, ur even more lucky because u probably can get all the new news on boyfriend and other kpop groups >.<!! u can probably even go to a live concert or actually meet them T.T <–tears of happiness)!!

  11. i love min woo! so cute and innocent face :) and what is important he is in the same age with me !! -year 16 girl from malaysia- always support you all !!

  12. i luv min woo so.. much,when i see his smile i feel ah.. he so cute….i m so happy his age is same with me 16 this year.

  13. People always say dat they love each and individual members and yes they do, but they usually love the maknae instead of the hyungs, so boyfriend fans, pls surport the hyungs but also surport the maknae’s also….. hyungs plays a very importan role dat is giving hopes and surport the maknae …. love the whole members in sort words!

    May God bless the boyfriends ( just hoping they r christian but nvm all christian kpop lovers must pray 4 those who a non-christian too )


  14. hmmp i ilke ur song boyfriend nice song………………….i really like it so much u can visit here in philippines soon see yah!

    power! ajah!

  15. Hi, I’m from Canada….. actually,I was born in South Korea and I moved to Canada when I was 6 years old………. I love Boyfriend members and twins are born in 1995, right?\
    I was born in 1995 and I am turning 16 soon…………….. I love you guy and I will be cheering for you………………..
    사랑해…….. Boyfriend오빠

  16. I really like Boyfriend…esp Jo twin<3 but too bad i'm not live in Korean…i really want to watch their performance…T^T

  17. all boyfriend member so cute and all of boyfriend member..especially donghyun..omg so hansome :D he’s have an seductive looks~~

  18. lol i think im older then most of you girls here but im 19 years old and i recently got into boyfriend. my favorite has to be youngmin but im slowly leaning towards donghyun, idk there is something that makes me gag over him and im kinda sad he got rid of his red hair but the black reaaaaaaaaaaaallly suits him. i think they have ALOT of potential and at the moment they arent really showing it but i cant wait as they get older and get more experience and show they can start showing it.
    boyfriend fighting!~

    • yea I suppose you are :P I’m 16 :) cool, keep supporting Boyfriend ^^
      My favourite is Jeongmin. I like Donghyun too and I like him better with black hair XD
      yup, I hope they become even better and even more popular.
      Boyfriend Fighting!

      • lol yep so far in this site im the oldest but its cool i can pass for a 15 year old ;) lol and i just realized i made a typ i mean “gaga” =.= sorry, in a way im glad he dyed his hair make him look younger. im excited for their comback, i bought their single album, its my second korean group album i have bought, dont worry im going to keep supporting them!

  19. annyeonghaseyo , I’m Ila from singapore ((: I like kpop since I was 8 , when the song BOYFRIEND was out , I can’t wait to hear it , Once I heard the song , I kept repeating it ,mostly everyday. I love Kwang Min Oppa because he is sooo cute HIS EYES , so gorgeous , HIS NOSE ,soo Small , HIS HAIR, So SMOOTH , HIS LIPS , so SWEET , I LOVE YOU FOREVER OPPA <3 SARANGHAE . (:

  20. Heey, from the UK here XD
    Well, i only started listening to Boyfriend, today :P my best friends love you guys and well, im starting to really like Boyfriend XD

    Minwoo <3 ;3 <- Hooooooooooootttiiiiiieeeeee XD

    From Liz XD

  21. Hi boyfriend ^^.

    well, lets say if your reading this it would be awesome XD
    my mates Adria and Yizzie kinda obbsess over you guys and well, i dont obbsess over you guys but i do love your music XD

    well i was wondering if you could like email me back or something? i wanted to ask a few questions :) thanks

    Liz :D

  22. yeas! I love them so much and finally i feel old enough cuz’ the most adorable twins have borned in -95 and im in-96 so that makes me soo happy^^ hope they come to EU soon :D <3 saranghae oppas! or i will move to korea and learn language! ^^

  23. I totally love Boyfriend I am so glad that raindropalicia created this blog
    do u think a 11 yr old should like the Jo twins and Minwoo?
    Just asking

  24. hi boyfriend,,
    i love your music especially don’t touch my girlfriend…
    and i want to say saranghaeyo…
    saranghae youngmin ,, kwangmin,, min woo……<3

    aima syahira

    p/s: i hope you guys will add me as your friend or siblings in facebok….my name in facebook aima syahira…. hope you guys read it…. :)…<3

  25. 0.o!! wow…the first tym i heard dem…

    i woz lyk….(

    the second tym i heard them..i m lyk…
    AHHHHHHHH:D totally hot,cute , awesome ,n young :D <3

  26. hey you guys are so cute and your songs are awsome im about to turn 16 in 3 months i so wish we could talk but you guys are probly to busy to talk to people like me

  27. I’m from Germany and born in 1995 too ..
    I’m soo happy that the young line has the same age as me :)
    Don’t know if someone of you here is from Germany too ^^
    I like all the members <333
    They are just too cute, good-looking … but what I like the most is that they can sing and dance quiet well

    I hope they will get the Rookie Award ^^
    Come to Germany when you can, I'm pretty looking forward to it ~~

    Fighting BOYFRIEND! I will always stay an BestFriend

    • everyone who is a boyfriend fan is seriously lucky in the philippines. they’re lucky even if they aren’t boyfriend fans! i wish they could come to new york and in brooklyn or manhattan T-T !! Please boyfriend, come soon! ur fans all over the world are waiting for you!

      i’m waiting for you!

  28. WHY!? But at what date will they come to Philipipines next year?
    Maybe, they get there when you are back to Philippines? *-*

    May I ask you why you currently are in Sweden? ^^

    • sure ^^ my mom was maried on a swedish man 4 years ago and 1 and half year ago my mom and dad(stepfather) brought us here to study and learn the language because my mom thinks it would be good if we’re together(my stepfather is very kind to us) I’m currently learning two languages swedish and korean but for now I’m focusing on swedish but when it’s weekends or holidays I learn korean

      I don’t know will the boyfriend come to Philippines,i hope they’ll come when I come home ^^

  29. I hope so too ^^

    Oh, where do you learn Korean?
    That’s cool that you all are together and you have a chance to learn more languages ;)
    When you come back to Philippines will you live then with your mum and stepfather there?

    Hihi, maybe you can understand then what our boys from Boyfriend says :D
    I would love to learn Hangul too <333

    I wish you good luck for the future ^^

  30. That’s good! Do have other friends who listen to K-POP?
    I have a good friend who listens to K-POP, too! I’m so glad that I can talk to another person directly about that *-*

  31. Yeah, I’m like hiding it, too… Because I’m afraid that they would make fun of it or would bully me because of that. (I think German are stlll intolerant towards these things… expect who love K-Pop, too) But I need to meet new people to find that out ;) Maybe I would tell them if they ask me about what kind of music I listen to … But they kindly never ask me questions like that … But another Bestfriend doesn’t bother about that and just always explains to others what K-Pop is.She is so confident ^^ She’s from Pakistan where people mostly don’t know what K-Pop is

    • sorry if i’m intruding, but i just have to say that here in New York, i am open about liking kpop. i try to make others in my school like it. when they say something rude about korean groups (especially boy bands), i stand up for them.

      kpop (and boyfriend) fighting! I will always be on their side 4ever!

      P.S. I’m a girl from Bangladesh and people don’t know about kpop there either (i tried to make my cousins like it when i went there during the summer but only succeeded with one cousin). i seriously want to learn korean but my parents (who try to make me stop being obsessed with korean things) say that’s silly T-T

      • I’m from Bangladesh and I live here and kpop is starting to become popular here. At first I thought it was just my friends and I that loved kpop and korean dramas but then I met other people who were really into this stuff too :) I don’t know where to learn Korean here so I’ve started watching lessons online :D

      • oh! so you’re bengali too!! finally, arekta bangali ke paysi (this is bangla in english)!
        where in the U.S. do u live? i’m in new york.
        i was looking through the comments here and i saw at one comment someone wrote that at the website you can learn korean. i haven’t been on it much but i think it might be helpful.

        good luck!

      • I live in Bangladesh! And yeah I’ve heard of and I’ve watched a couple of their videos on youtube :) It’s really helping :D It’s nice to see other Bangldeshi fans of kpop. These days it’s pretty much all I listen to xD and I don’t even watch tv anymore, it’s all kdramas for me :D I swear I’m completely addicted >.<

      • this is a year old but I finally found Bangladeshi kpopers OMG! if you guys are still there please join the Bangladeshi K-Popers group in FB 😊

  32. But I would like to learn Hangul. One reason is because FT Island is coming soon to Europe! ^V^ Or at least Japanese (My cousin can speak Japanese but she lives in my mothercountry, so far away)
    I could freak out xD I just want them to come to Germany and Boyfriend should come soon too <3
    I think we who live in Europe should show Boyfriend that they have fans here, too
    Can we international fans (For this I don't mean Asian fans, because they can ;) ) communicate somehow directly to them (per twitter or so)?

  33. They are all soooooo cute. But if i had to pick which one was my favorite it either be youngmin kwangmin or minwoo. They are so hot. I like minwoo the best :) hopee you maje it to the top.

  34. they are very …..cute ………. but .. I just prefer young min and Kwang min ……. they are very …..cute twins ….. …..cute when they were both closely .. …I live in malaysia too, clara lara …..

  35. i i really like both twins…….. they looks so cute………………. ……. One is very cute and one is handsome… i like their smiles very much………. i really want to meet them and listen their songs in live…………………… Boyfriend i love your songs very much.. keep rocking………………………………………………………

    Sarang hae!
    fighting boyfriend………. ^.^

  36. Hi guys!
    You know what before I really- really HATE KPOP because they’re singing songs with a language I don’t understand, but when I came across your band my view entirely changed!
    You are amazing and charming guys… undoubtedly…
    Just keep up the good work and God bless to you all.

    And one more thing…


    (I’m one of your loyal fans)

  37. hello!:)
    im a total fan of SNSD but beacause ofsearching on of their song in youtube i accidentally found their water floor teaser and watch it i really love it.and they are the first korean boygroup who really amaze me by their teaser….their so cool in and talented….love them xD

  38. I Love your song! All of it….I Love the Group Member! All of it….I Love Boyfriend! with all of my heart!!!!! Boyfriend Hwaiting!

  39. hello world!
    just wanna say i am totally obsessed with kpop!! when my friend first told me about boyfriend, i thought that i wouldn’t like it that much. then she showed me the music video for the song boyfriend and i instantly fell in love with the group ^ . ^!! you guys are all soooooo cute, handsome and adorable >.<!!! i am now a loyal, crazy-for-you fan!! also, i'm happy the guys i like in this group are only like 2-3 years older than me! I will TOTALLY go CRAZY if u guys come to New York City (in brooklyn or manhattan) and i am able to meet you!!

    sarang hae <3 Minwoo <3 Youngmin <3 Kwangmin <3 Jeongmin
    keep up the good work and stay cool!!

    P.S. I'm originally from Bangladesh but i live in New York! I have many other friends that are kpop crazy!

  40. Annyeonghaseyo,, My name is Rifka Arifah,.. I’am A biggest fan of Indonesia.
    I’am 15 Years ol (July 22nd 1996).
    I Love Young Min Sososo Much..<3
    Saranghae <3

  41. i got into kpop (and korean dramas) when i was in 6th grade (2008-2009)
    i accidently came upon the korean channel KBS when i was bored and was trying to find something to watch on tv
    ever since then, there isn’t a single drama that starts at 9:50 pm that i haven’t missed (that’s like the only time i can really relax)
    I am soooooooo happy i found this channel!!!

    Korean dramas and music ROCK and are totally AWESOME!

    • oh so you’re 14 now? I got into Kpop in 2009 as well but I’m 16 now ^^ Wow ~ I wish I had a Korean channel! Awesome :) Yes they are! :D What’s your favourite drama?
      I started liking Kpop because of Super Junior ^^ They’re my favourite band <3 I found out about Super Junior-M around 3 years ago and started liking them. Later I stared liking Super Junior too :) Now I like lots of Kpop!! :D

      • at the moment, my favorite drama is Glory Jane since it’s wat i like watching from the dramas they are showing at the moment ^^. my first ever drama was boys over flowers =). what’s ur favorite drama?
        i started getting into kpop because of the channel KBS and also becuase it showed the groups 2PM and MBLAQ on it (they are the other korean groups i listen to ^^)! I started to like their songs because it sounded good and i liked the music videos =).

        i have a question……how do u change ur pic O.o? i want to change mine but i don’t know how =( …..

  42. help! i can’t tell the difference between kwangmin and youngmin! i want say how adorable one of the twins looks in the “i’ll be there” song but i can”t tell which one he is!
    also, they all look sooo cute and handsome in that song!!

  43. hey um i am from an asian country vietnam…..i want to go to korea so bad i am a big fan of K-pop especially this one here the one i like that are boys: Boyfriend,B1A4,Big Bang,SS015,ect….girls: T-ara,Girl’s Generation,ect…..i am a big fan! i came to america because of war….

    • Hello! Nice to meet you ^^ I’m a VN, too. But live in Germany ;) May I ask you how old you are? I want to go so badly to South Korea or Japan, too :( I want to meet my Boyfriend and FT Island <3

    • Hey there! i am from an asian country too! i’m from bangladesh (bd) though…..i live in america too (i live in new york city and in brooklyn)! which state do u live in?

      i want to go to south korea really bad too so i can see the beautiful sights i see on tv :) I want to meet the korean bands boyfriend _<!! it seems like an awesome place too!!!

    • same here!! i want them to come to new york city and in manhattan or brooklyn!!!
      question for u: r u muslim? just in case u r, i am too!!
      another question: how did u put ur picture up? i can’t figure out how to do that!!

  44. Me? I’m just a 15 year old girl, who lives in America:) Me and my friends are waiting that someday… Boyfriend will come, or we’ll come to Korea:3 We absolutely love Boyfrirnd!!! And hope that Boyfriend will cone… And cause we love you oppas so much, we’re gonna send you a surprise… Just hope that you accept them.

    • where in the U.S. do u live? i live in new york.
      you’re sooo lucky u have friends u can talk to about boyfriend >.<!! most of my friends at school aren't even interested in korean bands T-T. some of my friends (who are interested) and i are waiting for boyfriend too ;3! i wish i could go see them if they can't come…
      in my opinion, it's better if they come here because even if the don't have a crazy amount of of fans in the U.S., we Bestfriends can be spared from the crowdedness ;).

  45. hey people! i just saw something on youtube yesterday and it showed youngmin oppa and kwangmin oppa on a show called happy together!!
    youngmin said that he once played the role for cinderella in a school play and afterwards a boy asked him to be his girlfriend >o<!!!
    the awkward moment was that they showed his picture as cinderella and he looked sooooo cute and beautiful! even more beautiful than a normal girl!!!!!!!
    i found this to be cool and wanted to share it with u people ;)!

  46. I leave in Germany :DD I can’t speak one Word Korea… so I’m ***** up… I want to meet them soooo badly.. But I never could… This is so mean… Theres no Boy in my Town hwo looks so good like them… and there realy don’t have those nice teeth and SMILE like youngmin… oh wow he have the cutest smile of the world…

    And all my Friends love Justin Bieber.. I hope that no one of you guys know him.. I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER…

    ♥B♥O♥Y♥F♥R♥I♥E♥N♥D♥ For the win :**

    • hi there! just to tell u, i do know who justin beiber is since i live in America but i don’t like him either. Boyfriend and other kpop groups are definitely WAYWAYWAY BETTER than him ^^ (sorry to jb fans but this is my opinion) I totally agree with you about youngmin’s smile (it’s soooooo dreamy ToT <–tears of happiness!!!!)

      oppas saranghae! .<!!!

  47. I wish you guys would come to the U.S. I really love you guys. I can kind of relate to the boyfriend members because they have to spend the most time trying to work up to the company’s wants. I play the violin and sometimes my best isn’t good, but because I take advanced classes in high school, the school work and wanting to practice it is very tiring. I really look up to you guys. It is really nice how they fit in the fans in there work. I will always cheer you on. Do your best guys. Fighting!

  48. Hi Im a 15 years old girl from Sweden Europe :) im a K-pop fan and my favorite k-pop band is BEAST and Boyfriend i really like them I see that al moste everyone in the group is 1995 haha but im 1996 ^-^I just want to say to Boyfriend you are soo cut and keep upp the good work and please come to sweden :) !!!! I love all the members especially Lee Jeong Min and young Min :) sarang hae ^-^<3


    and have they don other variety shows

  49. hi, im 14 years old girl..from philippines… i was super fan of k-band Boyfriend.. your so handsome and cute boys… i love you all guys!!!!!!!….. ( especially min woo and kwang min).. keep up the good work Boyfriend… ^-^ <3

  50. Nae…I always dream that one day i could meet BOYFRIEND by face to face!haha XD.I love boyfriend because they are not playboy especially kwangmin.Other than that,i love them because they respect all the people even a child.I know them by my friends.They talk about BOYFRIEND so much,and from there,i started love and like kwangmin oppa…hahhah.actually i just come to K-pop world.i dont know K-pop at all.after i know kwangmin oppa,i really really really love K-pop.Thank you for my friend,Yasmin Batrisyia and also BOYFRIEND member…Saranghaeo kwangmin 0pPa and alsoo BOYFRIEND member!Fighting!hehhehe.ssooo…,my name is Nur Liyana Ramlan.Ramlan is my father.Im from MALAYSIA.Please come to Malaysia as well guys…hehehe.Iam 13 years old.Nae…i know im still young but already love K-pop.My favourite song is DONT TOUCH GIRL wich is sang by boyfriend.And well..yeah u know…of course my Favourite celebrities is BOYFRIEND!haha.yeah i guess thats all about me.If u want ot know more about me,please add me on Facebook.just type Nur Liyana Ramlan and u will find me.Actually i dont know english,i just tried my best.Sorry if my english is not good althought im still young…Thank you for who just read my comment.I really apreciate it.Please tell me more about K-pop cuz im new..hhahah.Well,byebye..PPyong!

  51. 당신이 남자 친구 사랑
    hi my name is jung yung won i ‘am from philipines and i live in seoul i like you guys fighting

  52. I’m from Cambridge; it’s like an hour outside of Toronto (: this past year, I think it was November? anyways, FT Island was in Toronto for the Kpop festival or something ;P (: I’m so sad; there’s only like a handful of asian people at my school, (I go to like… the whitest school in my town \: ) and so there’s no one there to understand my passion foreign music… or foreign boys ^_^

  53. No way!!!! :O and you’re 16 too!? Which school are you at??? Think I just found my new best buddy >.> (; (: I go to Glenview ;P Do you have exams this week I have my english exam at 12:30 today :P

  54. :O NO WAY!!! I was supposed to go there!!! My dad went there!!! Did you go to Aberfoyle before??and thanks! I think I did alright… ;P You too though! (: What exams do you have? I have math Monday, and Anthro on Tuesday, and then I leave for Disney! (:

    • Wow :o cool!! No, I went to Jean Little. I see. I have chemistry on Monday, Physics on Tuesday, Math on Wednesday, and Accounting on Thursday ^^ What’s Anthro? You get to go to Disney world? Lucky! I went there in gr. 7 :)
      Even if it wasn’t a snow day I wouldn’t have written my exam today anyway because I had a piano exam at that time :P

  55. Ahh~ I see. YOU HAVE A KILLER SEMESTER D: My heart beaks for you </3 ;P last semster I was supposedto have bio, math chem and english, but I dropped chem for art so it as a little better ;P I have accounting this coming semester; is it a good course? Is it hard? A lot of people say it is :S Anthro, is the Study of the social sciences; the course is actually called 'Introdction to Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology' Anthro- study of humans as a species and as animals, uhm, soc- study of humans in groups 'socializing oneself' and th changes in their beaviour and why, and psycho, the stud of the human brain and deision making processes. We over everything from nature vs. nuture, serial killers, mental illnesses, learning in different cultures, controversial topcs ie. abortion, cloning etc, uhm… different theories, stuff like that. And I went in grade 7 too!!! you play piano? So do I (: Kinda ;P My dad teaches me; I play flute though ;P

    • yea T.T I see ^^ I like art too but I never took it at centennial. Accounting is super easy :D And I loved my class :P I see ~ now I know ^^ cool! yup and I used to play clarinet. Next semester I have advanced functions, english, french and travel & tourism (which should be super easy)

  56. oh yeah, pshh, nbd; just you know, extra hard math, and then tons of essays for english and parlez-vousing le francias and then tons of projects, nbd of course ;P (: but good luck wiwth those (: I know for me, I’d die right then and there :P I have Accounting, Fashion, UC Math and Foods this coming semester, but idk \: I kinda want toswicth some of my courses; I do so like 5 times a year :P EVERY YEAR ;P My guidance counsellors must hate me XD

    • yea LOL :P thanks ^^ English is my least favourite subject T.T I never switched my classes before but we have to before semester 2 starts if we want to. I was think of taking Fashion and Foods. Have you ever been to the Pacific Mall? you can get Kpop stuff and other Asian albums there too. I think it costs less if u order online though.

  57. I was supposed to, but I never got the chance \: I don’t mind english, I just don’t like writing and stuff unless for leisure :P I would order online, but idk how to ;P I’m not really good with techy stuff ;P but yeah! I hear fashion is a good course, it should be fun (: as for foods… idk, I’m not sure what it is :P I just took it in place of another class that I no longer needed ;P

    • oh that’s too bad. You can order from ^^ I order from there all the time. but I don’t have a job so I can’t afford stuff T.T I see :) One thing I like about English is poetry. I like subjects where there is just a right answer. oh ok :P Who’s your favourite member? Mine is Jeongmin :D Minwoo, Youngmin and Kwangmin are all younger than me. But Youngmin and Kwangmin are just younger by a couple weeks since my birthday is also in April :)

    • i like them too! they’re all around the same age and about 2 years older than me! oppas fighting!! i love boyfriend and am a true bestfriend!!!!!!

  58. I AM NOW THE PROUD OWNER OF ALL THAT IS BOYFRIEND :’D In other word, I finally got their music (: (: And I only just got a job (have yet to be paid, but none the less :P ) yeah, I unno; like, I sometimes like math, but sometimes I don’t, same with science, but with english it’s like, they judge how you express yourself through words -.- which I mean, I guess it’s okay to some degree, so that you don’t talk and write and nothing makes sense, but still. :P MY BIRTHDAY IS ….3 DAYS AFTER MIN WOO’S :D I’m August 3rd ;P I was pretty excited ;P And well, I originally liked Young Min, but I unno, I think I like Kwang Min now… :S But I do love them all (: but then again, I did want to research my bias’ to make sure I liked their personality as well as their face…. ;P

  59. Yeah (: I did a project on Dong Hyun for Leadership (: He’s really cool. I like CN Blue, FT Island, Shinee, Super Junior, BEAST, K WIll, I’ve only heard one song by 2PM with Seulong (Nagging) I liked that, uhm, for girl groups, SNSD, 2NE1, F(X), I haven’t heard musch sistar, Uhm… there was another group… idk many girl groups ;P Idk many groups in general ;P And I got into Kpop, through KDrama, from my friend Cindy (: She’s asian ;P she’s so cute (: but yeah, my first kdrama was heartstrings, then i watch 2 jdramas- proposal daisakusen, and propose kyoudai (i think?) and then I watched coffee prince, and then personal taste (or vice versa) and I started protect the boss before those, but then I forgot to finish it, and right now I’m watching boys before flowers (: so yeah! ;P hbu? (:

    • I see ^^ yes he is :) My favourite group is Super Junior :D Do you have a bias in SJ? I also like FT Island (I love Hongki), U-kiss, SHINee, CN Blue, and Infinite. I kinda like Beast and MBLAQ. And I like Park Jungmin from SS501, Alexander, Jinwoon from 2AM and Brian Joo. I don’t like any girl groups :P Cool! :) I watched Heartstrings in the summer. I haven’t watched any of those dramas but maybe I’ll watch protect the boss because I really like Jaejoong. I watched It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl, Oh! My Lady, Bad Family, You’re Beautiful, Beethoven Virus and I started watching Poseidon but didn’t finish. I want to watch Dream High 2 and Shut Up Flower Boy Band ^^ I got into Kpop because of Super Junior-M. I started liking them over 3 years ago and then later I started liking SJ and then more and more Kpop :) Beast is coming to Toronto so we can go see them :D oh and I like B1A4 and B.A.P.

  60. does anyone know if boyfriend has any new songs? i really want to know and have been looking all over google with no hope :'( !!
    raindropalicia, plz put up wat their new songs r when they come out if u can :) !!!
    thanx in advance!!

  61. sweet and lovable band………Jo young min u r the sweetest …cute also..and ur voice very nice huppa……i m very big fan u……..u n iiii…………s
    Uri duri duri matchwo ipdeon ot
    Modeun ge da geudaero naneun idaero
    Kkeutnael su eobseo
    Just can’t let it go…love you…
    jst for u
    you got this smile
    that only u can make
    i pray a god everyday
    to …keep u 4rever..
    one day sky is fallen
    i’ll be standing in right next to uuuuu….luv u 4rever

  62. Hello,

    I´m from Germany. I love boyfriend k-pop. Min woo is so cuuuuuuuute ♥

    I want, that boyfiend come to Germany. I hope they comming here and I see all them.

    Boyfriend: FIGHTING!! :D

    I Love You so much

  63. Annyeong boyfriend!! Young min, Kwang min and Minwoo oppa…..FIGHTING <3….BOYFRIEND SA LANG HAE!!! Pyonggggg ^_^ <3

  64. youngmin and minwoo! hey do you guys think theyre going to come to indonesia anytime soon? :P i have no friends AT ALL who like kpop, they think the guys are gay -.- GO BOYFRIEND! :D

    • you poor thing! i actually have a few friends (only 1-2) who like kpop. i try to “advertise” kpop in school but they say the same thing…”they look gay”. of course i defend them but it’s hard when there’s only one of me and like 20 of them -.-
      anyway GO BOYFRIEND :D!

  65. hello,
    I’m from the USA. i love kpop BOYFRIEND is one of my favorite groups. I have no friends who like kpop, so i feel lonely so when i lesson to your songs it puts a smile on my face. My favorite member is Kwangmin i think he is supper cute/hot at the same time.

  66. Omffg, I loooooove boyfriend ( just like al of you guys, awesome ). i live in europe so i hope they make a europian tour once ;D Xxxxxxx

  67. oh my gosh im so addicted to them … so handsome .. they had angelic face :D
    and take note very talented ..
    i wish i can see them for real ….
    i LOVE BOYFRIEND ….. fighting

  68. Am a girl that lives in Georgia, USA and can’t really speak that good of Korean but am working on it but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Y’ALL without a doubt:)<3

  69. Brothers,kaung min and young min my birthday is birthday like your birthday.I am very happy.Think,brothers.

  70. i’ll follow everything bout’ boyfriend on twitter and everyone who like boyfriend thanks to all the comments tom again see you back in seoul boyfriend i’ll be waiting then again good luck for the performance in japan today

    • wat’s the twitter that u follow for boyfriend?
      also, you got to see boyfriend perform?? and in japan?? are u gonna see them in seoul too?? i’m asking ’cause of ur comment….

    • wow~ ….cool! so i guess u travel a lot, huh? you are soooo lucky!! i wish i could do that too….(it would be awesome!!)
      do u go to the places boyfriend went to when they are performing?

  71. I made a fan video for boyfriend :)
    If you want, you can check it out here,

    Hope you guys like it :)))

    • you lucky thing!! i wish i could do that too!! but a problem for me would be that i would only be allowed to eat vegetarian food or seafood unless there was halal food there since i’m muslim … this wouldn’t really be a problem but the thing is I HATE EATING FISH most of the time :P

    • i wish i could go to every concert boyfriend was at or at least be with them every time they are free T.T *sigh* these types of dreams never come true no matter how much u want them too TT – TT

    • i will only end up meeting them (from far away) only if the end up coming to new york city =( OR maybe when i’m in my twenties and start to like eating fish =P

  72. hi…..boyfriend…..i’m your fans from India…have u ever heard of it..???? me and my little sister love u soooo much………we can’t look at u guys enough…ooooo …you’re all soooo cuteeee…..especially Min Woo ( you’re sooo lovelly) , you dance well , ur voice is so sweet, lovelly , childish, and ur smile…so cute…..guys i want to see u….in person

    wish u all da best in ur future….wish i could meet u guys when i came to korea….love u

    Go Boyfriend Go….FIGHTING TILL THE END…..

  73. hai i don’t belive who the real older twin of young min & kwang min. I thing kwang min was older and young min was younger twin oh my god my head was hurt right now cuz thinging about the twin i wish all k-pop came to brunei and make a concert i will belive that all the teen kids in brunei love k-pop see ya….;-)

  74. Hi, Boyfreind, I hope that you guys can do a live in San DIego sometime!!!! I’ll make sure to go!!! You guys are my favorite band and I support you guys!!!!!!!!! though i guess you aren’t haappy from hearing this from a 14 year old…But GO BOYFREIND!!!!!!!! LOVE YOUR NEW ALBUM!!!!!!!!!! GO JEONGMIN-OPPA!!!! sorry -Minwoo-oppa, Donghyun-oppa, Kwangmin-oppa, Youngmin-oppa, Hyungseon-oppa, I still love you guys!!!!!!! : )

  75. Hi there XD i’m a turkish girl from Austria i must say i love KPoP and u are really something XD aaa and u all have just a beutiful smile keep it pleas i’ll support u as good as i can! thank u soo much for ur effords :)

  76. Hiii!!!
    I’m from Puerto Rico and i recently moved to the virginia, but I’ve been a fan since you guys just came out!! I absolutely love you guys!!! I love you music, choreography and the meaning behind your lyrics!! You guys are my favorite Korean boy band!! And hopefully one day ill be able to go to one of your concerts (actually its on my bucket list XDD) you guys are amazing and handsome!!

    Keep fighting!!! :3

    -with lots of love, Sheri <3

    • wah ~ i sooo agree with u!! i have loved boyfriend since they came out too ^^ !!
      i hope i can go to their concerts too but that is probably something out of my reach T^T
      also, i must say. i agree with everything u just said about uri oppas ^^ !!

      uri oppas hwaiting!!

  77. so happy that i was born on April….although the date and the year are not the same but it still make me proud….by the way….it is not about the month but you guys….really help me in releasing my stress level as a students…fighting Boyfriend!!!!fighting for me too……

    • 15,from brooklyn new york, and a bestfriend?
      SAME HERE ;P !!!!!
      wat’s weird for me is that there is a girl in my school who’s name is jalani too o.o ….

  78. Hi My Name Is Bernadine I’m Turning 13 This September 20, I Live Here In The Phillipines.. My Biggest Dream Was To Meet You Guys But Since We Are So Far Away.. I Would Love To Give You Guys The Best Wishes And Lots Of Love… I Watched The Reality Program Called “Wonder Boy” In MTV . You Guys Are Really Funny, Sometimes My Dad And My Brother Would Get Mad At Me For Laughing Out Loud At Home, They Kinda Think It’s Annoying… But That Doesn’t Stop Me From Being A Huge Fan Of You Guys, I Love It When Hyunseong And Jeongmin Would Sing In A Perfect Harmony.. I Like It When I Look At Donghyun How He Takes Good Care Of You Guys, Sometimes I Get To Daydream Of Him As My Older Brother. I Would Feel So Exited To Get Up And Dance When I See Minwoo Dancing, He’s Really Good At It, I’m Even Part Of My School’s Dance Troupe, But Just For A Year Since I’m Going To High School Next School Year, But I’m Not That Good I Still Need More Skills, Sometimes In My Sleep He’s Awesome Dancing Still Can’t Get Off My Mind. I Laugh Non-Stop By Watching The Twins, Kwangmin And Youngmin, Since They’re Really Funny, Sometimes I Try To Get Funnier Like Them But It Turns Out My Friends Won’t Laugh, But After Watching TV Programs Of Boyfriend, I Kinda Realize How The Twins Don’t Really Sit Or Stay Beside Each Other, I Hope And Pray That The Twins Would Do That. I Know I Was Late On Noticing You Guys, I Just Knew BOYFRIEND When I Accidentally Pressed The Remote Of The TV To The Channel “MTV” Where Boyfriend: Wonder Boy” Was Showing And That Time I Fell In Love With You Guys, You Guys Are Amazing!!! It’s Like Each One Of You Guys Is Truly A Wonder Boy.. Even Though I Might Not Get A Chance To Meet You Guys, But I Really Love To, But I Just Wish You Guys The Best…. Boyfriend FIGHTING!!

    <3 나는 당신을 사랑합니다 <3

    – Bernadine Anne S. Sun

  79. I’m bere, I think boyfriend is such a great young group with much talent. Knowing some members are from ’95 gets me so excited because i’m from that year! it doesn’t make much difference but it’s a good feeling. My friend and I are planning to visit S.Korea for a month next year and we would love to meet them! They are adorable, well in my personal opinion Min Woo is the cutest. I’m from Texas and there is not much kpop influence over here so that sucks, but i’m looking forward to visiting soon! ^^ if the band actually reads these then it’d bring much joy if they’d reply to us, your fans. (if min woo were to reply i think i’d die.)

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  82. oh hi.honestly first time i herd your song i like it already and i think addicted on it!love you guys .especially you min woo

  83. Joo Youngmin is my best friend.^_^
    He is kindness boy.
    I Think, I M very happy and very lucky girl…bcoz of U R My Chingu.^_^


  84. what a long train… of comments..well i think its my my destiny to write my comment far away from top!!??? but still .. i have 2 express my feelings……..I REALLY REALLY LIKE YOU BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ILL 4EVER LIKE YOU

  85. Hi! my boyfriend or others boyfriend…but you know what i started loving you all from my core of heart…i Hardly talk with my friend as we always fight to choose our best but east or west you all are best…love you and go on with same speed

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