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Welcome to our website! This is a fansite for the Korean group “Boy Friend” who are under the management of Starship Entertainment (the agency behind K. Will and SISTAR). They debuted on May 25th, 2011. Please give lots of love and support to them!

Please visit our site often ^^

Thank You

Bonnie & Alicia



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  1. OMG you’re twins, so am I (and my sister)! We have a blog too called juicy4sushi.wordpress.com and it’s about KPOP. Your blog looks very professional. ^^

      • 3 years ago (!) but we left it empty for 3 years and we started it again this year, because that was when we found out about KPOP and Super Junior! :D

      • oh i see. ^^ cool :D I found out about SJ-M first over 2 years ago so I liked them and then Super Junior later :P
        I hope I can keep this blog going for as long as Boyfriend doesn’t disband :)
        You like anime too right?

      • My favourite anime and manga would be Ouran High School Host Club. Do you have a favourite anime or manga?

      • Oh I’ve heard of that. My sister’s favourite manga is Deathnote and Inuyasha. Her favourite anime is Hakuouki :) We watched Inuyasha a long time ago but now we’re reading the manga.
        I like full metal alchemist and we’re watching “Durarara!!” When I was younger I read a manga called Kamichama Karin. ^^
        Do you like Korean dramas too?

      • Yeah, we love watching Korean dramas although we’ve only started. I’ve finished watching ‘Paradise Ranch’ and currently watching ‘Dream High’. But we’ve watched more Taiwanese dramas as well.
        Could you recommend us any good Korean Dramas?

      • Are you Taiwanese? What Taiwanese dramas have you seen?
        Was paradise ranch good? I don’t plan on watching it though but I do want to watch dream high.
        I recently finished watching It’s Ok, Daddy’s Girl. We’re going to start watching Oh! My Lady and Heartstrings/You’ve Fallen For Me soon.
        Have you seen you’re beautiful?

  2. No, we are BBC (British born Chinese) although we are Cantonese (ancestors from Hong Kong). Thanks for all the suggestions, is ‘It’s OK, Daddy’s Girl’ a good drama to watch?
    No I haven’t seen ‘You’re Beautiful’ is it also a good drama?
    Thanks! ^^

    • You and you twin are BBC? My two best friends are too! (They are twins). I love this blog! I’ve one too which is also about K-Pop, but also has photography, mangas and dramas. I’ve only just started it, but I’m trying hard. The address is milkroll.wordpress.com.
      Thanks for all the info on Boyfriend!

      • to milkroll: Thanks :D You like Super Junior too? :P
        It seems like we have a lot in common :) your blog looks cool. Well I hope it gets lots of views. Fighting! ^^ I hope I can keep this blog going for a long time XD
        You’re welcome ^^

    • I see :) I’m a CBC XD
      It was good but it’s really sad!! We watched it because of Donghae. ^^
      I watched the first episode of Heartstrings yesterday and it was really awesome. It’s a new drama so theirs only 2 episodes now. and You’re beautiful is good too :) Heartstrings and You’re Beautiful both have Park Shin Hye and Yonghwa in them but you’re beautiful is from 2009.

      • Yep, I do. I love Ryeowook, but I also like Jungshin from CNBLUE. Have you heard any of their songs? I hope your blog does well also, although I can see it is already! I also love the dramas. I’ve just watched Paradise Ranch and half way through Meteor Shower, though I can’t find many places with it subbed…. Is You’re Beautiful good? I’ve heard of it, but haven’t watched it yet. I’ll carry on with my blog and you carry on with yours, it’s really good! Hwaiting!

      • Cool :) Super Junior is my favourite band ^^ Donghae is my favourite but I like Ryeowook too :D He used to be my favourite XD. In CNBLUE I like Minhyuk and Yonghwa. I’ve listened to some of their songs although I don’t have any of their albums. Thanks ^^ I watched Meteor Shower but still haven’t finished Meteor Shower 2. I watch it without subs :P I finished watching It’s Ok Daddy’s Girl last week which has Donghae and Minhyuk in it :) I’m watching Heartstings and it has Yonghwa, Minhyuk and Park Shin Hye too ^^ I’m also watching Oh! My Lady now. You’re Beautifiul is good :) I think Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye should be together XD I don’t plan on watching Paradise Ranch but was it good?
        Ok Ppyong! ~

      • Thanks! Definately watching Heartstrings and It’s Ok Daddy’s Girl now. I would not be able to watch Meteor Shower without subs, I’ve found it subbed up to ep 27, but now I’m stuck…..
        Paradise Ranch is really good, it has Lee Yeon Hee and Max Changmin in it, and is really sweet. You should consider watching it, it’s the best I’ve watched (also Meteor Shower was one of the best). It’s only 16 episodes I think, but it’s really good. Thanks for the recomendations!

      • I’ve just started watching It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl, and I already like it! Thanks again. Paradise Ranch is really good, and the songs in it are beautiful. Yesung sings one called ‘Waiting for You’ which you hear quite a bit; f(x) sings ‘It’s OK’ and Changmin sings ‘Confessions’. It’s really sweet!

  3. hey, im a massive fan of boyfriend and i adore your website. always keeps me in touch. i live in australia XD. ive written a fanletter that i want to send to the boys. would you know where i have to send it. it would be a big help. thanks

  4. hi Alicia & Bonnie,i like your page! i’m a big fan of Boyfriend too^^
    by the way,do you mind to inform the fans to vote for Boyfriend at Mnet ?
    they’re currently at rank 10, i write the tutorial to sign up at mnet (because we need to sign up first before we vote for them) & the link to voting page at my tumblr ^^
    for more info please come to my tumblr: sparkling-appletea.tumblr.com
    thanks before ^^ xoxo

  5. I love super-duper boyfriend group!!!!!…..
    my favorite member/s in the group are kwangmin, youngmin, and min woo..
    they have a nice smiles…^_~

  6. Um.. Hey ^^
    I’m kind of new to this blog here, but I will check it a lot, because I really like Boyfriend :D

    JeongMin is like.. 9 days younger than me :D
    Whaa… I really think they’re cute ^^

    lalala.. well.. okay, that was about it I guess ^^

  7. what is boyfriend’s official fan-club name?
    i check on various kpop blog some say
    it was “bestfriend” and others say it was “girlfriend”
    which is one the correct one…?
    the other day i went to boyfriend’s official facebook page
    and it was “bestfriend”i was not too sure if that’s the right one.
    i just to want know what is the right one :)
    (sorry for the too information thing).
    reply me please (using my email).

    I ♥ MINWOO & JO TWINS ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  9. do you have daum cafe account. if have can you teach me how to make cafe html…
    I already register my account and i wanna try to make daum cafe html ..I only have yozm and blog…I don’t know how to make cafe html…what is alien security code?…

    • Sorry I can’t help you because I don’t have a daum account :( hopefully someone else can help you ^^
      I think that’s a number that all Korean people have and sometimes u need it to sign up.

  10. I love No min woo
    He’s very cute :’> and Handsome 8-)
    i like his smile , i like his dance and i like if her ungry to his friend ^^v
    Please come to Indonesia Boyfriend :) i wating you came to here :)
    i will happy if you came to here :) Now :*

  11. wonder what wud happen if boyfriend beat suju… mixed reactions from everyone? lololol. i wudnt mind thou even if i lik sungmin.

  12. i want to know favourite colour of kwang min , min woo n young min ….
    also all boyfriend …
    is that true kwang min n young min like blue colour …

    • No, Kwangmin’s favourite colour was blue ;) You can read it at other sites where facts about Boyfriend are listed. I searched it up to write it finally down

  13. I really really like Min Woo. He’s so very cute. The way he dance, i love it very much. I hope he will keep up the good work. That’s all……….

  14. I really like Young Min specially his smile. So cute………Super!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you’re gonna visit Philippines someday……………………………………:D

  15. I like Boyfriend so much…Mv for I’ll be there is so smart….I like the baby face Jo twinss..i love you guy so much…..everyday i’m always remember you guys….

  16. Hey :) I’ve written a fan letter and want to send it to boyfriend, but i don’t know where i need to send it :o can you help me?

  17. Hi, um wow i’m super nervous~
    This is my first time leaving a post here but i’d like to say that i’m a huge fan!
    I found out about Boyfriend when i was surfing youtube and i saw their MV, they’re awesome!!!After that i got more interested in them and searched them and the shows that they were in. I can’t beleive it, they’re all so young, but then again so am i(hehehe…i’m only 14). Remember to always look forward no matter hard hard it gets! One of you many eternal followers~

  18. yayy !! i’m really a huge fan of Boyfriend !! :D i’ll always visit this website !! ♥__♥ and i hope this will make me more updated to Boyfriend :)

    — kamsahamnida !!

  19. I recently went to the dearberry shop @ Daegu and bought tons of masks with their pictures on them- both group and individual photos! So happy!

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  21. Hi there!

    I’m interested in watching Boyfriend’s variety shows with English subs. For example, SBS MTV Wonder Boy and the Tokyo Etoile Academy. However, they’s very hard to find online! Can you recommend me some sites where I can watch them?? Thank you^^

  22. i really love BOYFRIEND ,,,,,,,,,,,,I REALLY LOVE THE TWINS…..YOUNGMIN AND KWANGMIN……………………..SARANGHAE…………………….(=

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