140623 [TRANS] KBS 2PM Radio

Q: Straightforward girl or push-and-pull?
DH: I think girls who know how to push-and pull is more charming
KM: I prefer girls who are straightforward
MW: Me too
HS: I like it half-half.. half straightforward, half push-and-pull
YM: I like girls who slightly do push-and-pull

Q: Youngmin, even though you are twins, do you think you are more handsome?
YM: Yes, I am
KM: But the fans think I’m more handsome (laugh)
DJ: Do you usually use different hairstyle so people can tell you apart?
YM: Yes, I tend to like my hair down while Kwangmin like his hair up
KM: Yes, I like my hair up
DJ: Can people tell you apart now, even without different hairstyle?
KM: The members can tell us apart, but sometimes other people still confused
KM: Even our fans sometimes got confused, that makes me really sad
DJ: I think you give off different feeling though, Kwangmin is tougher while Youngmin is softer

DJ: Do you want a chance for solo debut/stage?
KM: Yes
KM: I usually performed duet with Youngmin as twins, but I want to try perform solo
DJ: How about you make subunit as twins? I think that would be a good idea
KM: Ah yes, that would be nice

Q: Minwoo, do you think you are the best when it comes to dance choreography?
MW: Yes
MW: (Laugh) Rather than being the best, I just love dancing
KM: Minwoo is the best dancer indeed, but he dances like a baby
MW: What? (laugh)
DH: I think Minwoo is very good because he is born with the skill, that’s all
All: (Laugh)

Q: Hyunseong, do you think Boyfriend would be more successful if you are the leader?
HS: Yes
DJ: So you are not satisfied with Donghyun’s leadership?
HS: No no no, it’s not like that
DJ: Come on, tell us honestly
HS: Well yeah I think I’m more detailed(?) than Donghyun-hyung
All: (Laugh)
DJ: So, any other member not satisfied with Donghyun’s leadership?
BF: No, of course not
DJ: So it’s just Hyunseong
All: (Laugh)
DJ: But being a leader is not an easy job, so all of you have to support Donghyun

Q: Is there any girlgroup that makes your heart racing lately?
DH: Yes
DJ: Tell us honestly! Who is it?
DJ: Don’t tell me it’s SISTAR!
DH: Lately, when we are on music broadcast station, there are a lot of junior girlgroup who greet us very politely. I think that looks pretty. Not just one, but everyone.
DJ: Who? Who?
DH: It’s not just one person, but everyone
DJ: Come on, tell us. Minwoo, you know who she is, right?
MW: No no, the members don’t know either. Who is it, hyung?
DH: I said it’s not one person. Everyone looks pretty and makes my heart race. Maybe it’s because it’s been a long time since we met everyone on music broadcast (laugh)
DJ: So everyone looks pretty?
DH: Yes. Maybe I’m weird? (Laugh)

Translated by: hyeonjia


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