130210 Jeongmin Fancafe Update

[From. Jeongmin♡] Beloved Bestfriend like tteokguk!?

Magpie, magpie’s New Year’s Day~ was yesterday~
Our, our New Year’s day~ is today~
Do you like tteokguk?
Are you resting well?
Do you receive a lot of money?
If you come here and saebae, I’ll give you saebaedon ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I was really really thankful in 2012~
I’ll give you a lot of love in 2013
Longer Jjomanie –

*떡국(tteokguk) is Rice Cake Soup which is they make this on New Year
*새배 (saebae) is pay their respects by bowing to them, wishing them health and good fortune.
*새뱃돈/세배돈(Saebaetdon/saebaedon) is children receive blessings and words of wisdom from the elders, as well as monetary gifts.

Source: BOYFRIEND’s Daum Cafe
Translated by: G_Girlfriend on twitter


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