130209 Boyfriend Lunar New Year Greetings Video

Boyfriend cheerfully greeted fans for Lunar New Year through a special video!

Boyfriend showed their excitement by singing along to the Korean traditional song for the new year. The boys thanked fans for their love with hand hearts and asked fans to anticipate their future activities.

The members also gave their wish for fans to focus on spending time with their families as well as thinking about Boyfriend. They finished off the video by hilariously asking fans to give them love instead of new year money.

Check out the video below!

Source: allkpop, starshiptv


All: I’m Your Boyfriend! Annyeonghasaeyo. We are boyfriend!~

Donghyun: Its 2013, Happy New Year! We are very happy for the love we received in 2012. Everyone, we love you.

Minwoo: We love you. Thank you.

Donghyun: In 2013 as well, we have many fun, happy dates planned out so have a lot of anticipation! Spend time with your family and eat lots of delicious food in this new year and also think of us a lot. Alright?

Minwoo: You got it right?

Jeongmin: Because you can choke if you eat a lot so must eat slowly too.

Kwangmin: That’s right

Donghyun: Yes, must take care of your health too.

Jeongmin: Of course

Donghyun: Everyone, have a happy new year!

Jeongmin: New year money please

Donghyun: New year money? aha

Hyungseong: Quick quick quick

Kwangmin: Me too

Donghyun: Instead of the money, give me your love!

Translations by: leftchopstick04 on tumblr

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