ARENA 37℃-ASIAN PLACE Vol. 15 – Boyfriend Interview Excerpt

This is the English translation for Boyfriend’s interview in the September 2012 Issue of ARENA 37℃-ASIAN PLACE ^^

What other people have said to you~

DH: If you only do what you want to do, you cannot live. – It’s because of this that I’m going towards my dreams

HS: There may be painful times but we can work together and get through it! – What leader told us before.

JM: Regardless of where you’re going, put in all your effort to help other people! – What my parents once told me

YM: Put in all your effort and work hard! – A statement that helps me put in my all

KM: Believe in your hard work! – The existence of the fans and words like these encourage me

MW: You grew taller! – Maknae isn’t as tall when compared to the rest, so if I’m told this I’ll be very happy.

If Be My Shine’s music video was filmed by the members themselves, who would be the director and actors and how will the roles be allocated?

JM: I want Donghyun hyung to be the Director. He acts well and has a lot of “sense”.

HS: I agree! Donghyun hyung suits being the director the most!

(All members agree.)

DH: In that case, let’s release the plot now! It’s a love story between Youngmin and Kwangmin!

KM: (looks at Youngmin for a while)

YM: We are really not in love.

JM: Sure enough, it’s the leader! He’s sense of imagination is above the rest!

YM: A bit too much above the rest, isn’t it?! (laughs)

DH: (ignores Youngmin who will never agree to it and continues) Jeongmin is jealous of Youngmin and Kwangmin who are romantically in love with each other.

JM: O_O Then who is it that I like?

DH: For Jeongmin, his heart is towards Kwangmin, yet he’s thinking whether or not he likes Youngmin, he cannot decide between the two.

Why does it have the feel of a daytime drama? Isn’t Be My Shine originally very pure?

DH: It’s alright! Hyunseong’s role is very pure!

HS: What’s my role???

DH: Hyunseong is a tree

KM: Not a person?!

DH: Not a person, and also not starring in the MV. Starring in the MV is primarily Youngmin and Kwangmi, and later Jeongmin gets a bit confused in the middle of it all.

MW: What about me?

DH: Minwoo is the assistant director, my right hand man!

MW: Ah ah, a human, that’s great!

HS: (feeling down) Then what am I, the tree, going to be used for?

DH: You’ll be standing here.

HS: But I also feel like doing something…

DH: I, the director and Minwoo, the assistant director, will stand under the tree that Hyunseong the gentleman is acting as because the weather is very hot. Hence it can be said that Hyunseong is indispensible in the making of this MV!

HS: (doesn’t get it, mianhae >.<)

KM: (doesn’t really get it either…+_+) Then let me switch roles, I’ll act as a passer-by, acting as the friendship kind

MW: Cannot. If you want to switch roles, let Kwangmin act as the tree then! If there isn’t a tree then Donghyun hyung and I will be unable to enjoy the shade!

DH: Minwoo certainly is an excellent assistant director

YM: Ah ah ah (really terrified) Donghyun hyung please! Please change the plot (earnest)

DH: Cannot change :) Ah! Then Youngmin, you think of the plot!

KM: Youngmin hwaiting!

—-What does Youngmin vex about?

YM: My eyebags are very serious, I’m frequently told by others that I look very tired.

Members: He doesn’t sleep at night, he keeps playing with the iPad.

(YM doesn’t respond.)

KM: Ah but with eyebags, he will be frequently looked on as being handsome, so I think having the eyebags is quite a good thing~

Members: Don’t say stupid things!

HS: So it’s because you like Youngmin, is it?

KM: Of course, because he is my older brother.

Members: Oh oh oh oh oh~ Then say you love Youngmin hyung once, for us to hear it

KM: I love you Youngmin hyung!

YM: (holds bridge of nose)

Source: Arena 37℃-ASIAN PLACE Vol. 15, September 2012 issue (Japanese magazine)
Japanese to Chinese Translation by uiuikm
Chinese to English Translation by Bfobsession


One thought on “ARENA 37℃-ASIAN PLACE Vol. 15 – Boyfriend Interview Excerpt

  1. oh my god the oppas are so funny xD!!
    youngmin and kwangmin in love and jeongmin in the middle and hyunseong not even human?! wah~ u sure donghyun doesn’t have a 4-D imagination ;p ???

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