130126 Hyunseong FanCafe Update


[현성] 토요일~

사인회까지 토요일 스케줄 끝!!!! 집에 조심히 들어가고 낼 만나요~~!! -[B.F현성]

2013.01.26 토요일

English Translation:

[Hyunseong] Saturday~
Up to fansign events, Saturday’s schedule has ended!!!! Go home safely and see you tomorrow~~!! -[B.F Hyunseong]

2013.01.26 Saturday

Translated by : Boyfriend_heree

Source: Boyfriend’s Official FanCafe

2 thoughts on “130126 Hyunseong FanCafe Update

  1. i saw this and was like “oppa looks so hot with his hair like that”
    i scrolled down more and then was like “wait, is that a lollipop o.o?” and forgot about everything else for a second ;p

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