Boyfriend: Ask in a Box English Subtitles

Hello! How is everyone doing? A Bestfriend requested that I post the English subs for the LOENENT ASK IN A BOX: BOYFRIEND video on Youtube since it can’t be viewed in some countries. I included some of their actions in brackets as well.


They send in the questions here, wow

I think we’re ready to go (everyone agrees they’re ready to go and then Donghyun hands the tablet over)

All: I’m you BOYFRIEND. Hello, this is BOYFRIEND!

Question: Boyfriend! Are you confident about this album?

Donghyun: We used to have a really cute image. This time we came back with a manly style, so fans will be able to see a very special stage.

Question: Please use 6 words to describe this album!

Jeongmin: This album is really manly

Kwangmin: This album is change

Donghyun: This album is a present

Youngmin: This album is the best

Minwoo: This album has a lot of photos

Hyunseong: This album is sexy!

Question: What does the title song ‘I yah’ mean?

Donghyun: The title, “I yah” means baby in English

Hyunseong: Means my baby (my baby was said in English and then other members responded in agreement)

Donghyun: I yah ~ If you hit someone like this they make that sound (Donghyun hits Kwangmin and Kwangmin says “I yah” and ow pretending to be hurt)

Minwoo: It talks about someone I like being hurt (shows short clip from MV)

Question: Who has the characteristics of a pure Macho man?

(Hyunsoung raises his hand and everyone points at him)

Jeoungmin: He is the most… Hyun seong?

Donghyun: Fans voted and the first was him

Donghyun: He is hard to approach.

Kwangmin: Looks a bit wild

Donghyun: But if you get to know him he is really soft

Kwangmin: (claps his hands together) That’s why it suits him the best

Donghyun: (points at hyunseong) Pureness! (HS demonstrates) Macho! (HS changes his expression)

Donhyun: (laughs) It was a little bit akward (Minwoo bursts out laughing)

Kwangmin: It was good (hyunseoung reaches over to give Kwangmin a high five)

Question: What is the hardest choreography in ‘I Yah’?

Hyunseong: Rather than difficult…It’s the point choreography.

Minwoo: There’s two, I’ll show the first one (I Yah music plays and Minwoo demonstrates the move and then everyone claps)

Hyunseong: So sexy!

Question: Who made the most mistakes while filming the music video?

Kwangmin: I think that’s Jeong min (Minwoo laughs and points at Jeong min in agreement) (a short clip of the MV starts playing)

Jeoungmin: There wasn’t a lot of NG, but there were too many scenes. Managed it pretty well though

Minwoo: (indicates Youngmin) There was one scene we were together and there was a lot of NG (laughs)

Minwoo to Hyunseong: You weren’t there

Youngmin: He was

Minwoo: Oh, he was

Kwangmin: Don’t leave him out

Question: Did your heart flutter because of Kim So Hyun from the music video?

Minwoo: Raise your hand if you did

Hyunseong: (Indicating himself, Minwoo, and Youngmin) Us three actually didn’t have many chances to see her

Youngmin: It was kind of sad

Minwoo: (Raises his hand) Rather than liking her, she was really attractive (Everyone claps)

Question: How would you rank yourselves appearance wise?

Donghyun: I will do this. Appearance ranking in our group (He stands up and rearranges where the members are seated while saying the following lines)

Kwangmin is the first

Maybe Jeongmin and Hyunseong has to change (Youngmin and Minwoo burst into laughter and clap)

I’ll sit here (sits in between Kwangmin and Hyunseoung)

I think this is the right ranking (The ranking from 1st to 6th is KM, DH, HS, YM, MW, JM ~Some members agree and Hyunseong claps)

Jeongmin: You say I’m sixth… (nods sadly) There could be a different point of view

Donghyun: You’re not as good looking as before (everyone laughs)

Jeongmin: I think I am the sixth listening to him (more laughter)

Question: Which variety programs do you really want to try?

Kwangmin: Running man?

Donghyun: Me too

Hyunseong: I’ll go with Running Man

Youngmin: Infinite Challenge for me

Minwoo: Running man for me

Jeongmin: Laws of the Jungle (everyone claps and laughs, Jeongmin gives a thumbs up)

Minwoo: He said he wanted to be on it for a while

Jeongmin: I want to try a caterpillar

Hyunseong: There are special ones

Jeongmin: It feels different and tastes different there

Question: Is there any artist you want to have a collaboration with?

Jeongmin: I do, I want to work with One Direction (part of 1D MV starts playing) I want to be on stage with them. I want to try working with them

Question: What would you promise your fans if you become No. 1 on a music show?

Jeongmin: I’ll do a free hug in Myeong dong!

Minwoo: Eat lunch together with fans. With the fans who were at the show

Youngmin: I will cry a lot at that moment. (Donghyun asks what if he doesn’t) If I don’t I’ll poke myself in the eye

Minwoo to Hyungseong: Take off t-shirt (Hyunseong agrees)

Youngmin: It’s a bit weak

Donghyun: Take off t-shirt?

Hyunseong: Cover a little? (covers his chest with his hands)

Donghyun: Then we can’t be on TV from then on

Donghyun: On a rainy day, put a flower on my head and run. I’ll put the video on the internet (laughing while saying this)

Question: What are your dreams and goals for the future?

Donghyun: Our goal in the future: to become a national idol. I think being loved by everyone is the best. Let’s become a national idol! (everyone claps except for KM because he teared up a little and then KM teared up a bit too)

Hyunseong: Everyone knowing who we are

Donghyun: You will be the national macho man (pushes Hyunseong)

(points to Youngmin) You will be national…citizen?

Kwangmin: (Donghyun looks at him) I didn’t say anything

Donghyun: This was BOYFRIEND’s ASK IN A BOX!

All: Thank you! (Everyone waves and some of them say bye bye ^^)



The boys were all very lovely in the video and they laughed a lot, particularily Minwoo.


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