130125 Boyfriend Facebook Poll Results

DONGHYUN lost the match with 833 votes!
What kind of punishment will he get?!
Soon! It will be revealed on facebook ^^

1. KwangMin 2400 votes
2. MinWoo 2283 votes
3. YoungMin 1938 votes
4. JeongMin 1040 votes
5. HyunSeong 850 votes
6. DongHyun 833 votes

[투표 결과 2013.01.25]
833표의 가장 적은 득표수를 얻은 멤버는 리더 동현입니다!
과연 어떤 벌칙을 받게 될까요?!
곧! 페이스북을 통해 공개됩니다^^

1. 광민 2400표
2. 민우 2283표
3. 영민 1938표
4. 정민 1040표
5. 현성 850표
6. 동현 833표

Source: Boyfriend’s Official Facebook


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