130118 Minwoo FanCafe Update

Original :

[민우] 내일!!!!!

내일 다들 응원하러 올꺼죠? 사전 녹화인뎅~~~~ >_< 안오면 이렇게 삐질꺼예요 흥칫뿡!-_-ㅋㅋ-[B.F민우]

2013.01.18 금요일 미눙

English Translation:

[Minwoo] Tomorrow!!!!!

Tomorrow everyone will come to cheer right? It’s pre-recording~~~~ >_< I will sulk if you’re not coming heungchitppung!-_-ㅋㅋ -[B.F Minwoo]

2013.01.18 Friday

Source: Boyfriend Fancafe
Translations by: @G_Girlfriend


One thought on “130118 Minwoo FanCafe Update

  1. i saw oppa’s picture and was like “wat happened? did oppa smell something bad? is he upset? did he get disgusted by someone?” then i found out he was pouting XD

    mianhae oppa OTL
    i wont make it T.T

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