130115 Boyfriend – Sparkling Magazine Interview (Winter 2013 Issue)

MC:What type of girl would you choose as your girlfriend?

Donghyun: I like a person who always smiles. I have a particular preference with a particular type of voice; I like a girl with a good voice.

Kwangmin: My personality is very distinct from the others so I go for girls who have special characteristics.

Jeongmin: I like girls who can play musical instruments.

Minwoo: I like girls with long straight hair – a girl who is very feminine and cute at the same time.

Youngmin: My ideal type is a girl who is cute and sexy.

Hyunseong: I like someone who can communicate with me easily and understand me well.

MC: Please describe your personal fashion style.

Donghyun: I love accessories but try not to put on too much. I like the color black.

Kwangmin: I wear what fits me well. I’m skinny so I like wearing a lot of loose-fit clothes.

Jeongmin: I like special fashion and like wearing unique items not commonly worn by others.

Minwoo: I like formal clothes presented in a simple way.

Youngmin: I prefer the dandy style and like wearing suits.

Hyunseong: I love dressing casual and usually like wearing pants and a shirt.

MC: Aside from SISTAR, who are the other idol groups you look up to? Which other groups do you want to collaborate with?

Jeongmin: We look up to Super Junior because of their strong aura and the goals they’ve achieved.

MC: What advice have your labelmates K.Will and SISTAR given to the group?

Kwangmin: They told us that we need to enjoy the stage and our performances.

MC: What is the most important thing you’ve learned as a rookie group?

Youngmin: We learned to value hard work.
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