130111 Boyfriend’s ‘I YAH’ had an all-kill on music charts and search engines

Super-Express Idols Boyfriend after releasing ‘IYAH’, quickly rose to no 1 on the music charts.

According to Starship Ent on the 11th after Boyfriend released their repackage album’s title song ‘IYAH’ at 12 noon on 10th January on CyMusic, Bugs etc.. they ranked no 1. Meanwhile, after the album was released, ‘Boyfriend IYAH’ had an all-kill no 1 ranking on real-time search engines like Daum, Nate etc… Creating an uproar online.

Sweetunes and Son Jab came up with an impressive guitar riff for an introduction along with a funky yet powerful dance number for ‘IYAH’, accompanied with Boyfriend’s manly vocals and raps.

The song shows a masculine yet tender charm of Boyfriend that has yet to be revealed through lyrics about a lover’s bold conquest, love pains that slowly turns into sweet love.

Meanwhile, one of KPOP’s best directors Johnny Bronus took on his latest job for ‘IYAH’ music video filming as he included Boyfriend’s sharp dance moves into a romance story line between the members of Boyfriend with one of the best child actors, Kim Sohyun.

In the meantime, Boyfriend’s new release ‘IYAH’ album and all-kill on search engines received much hot response and will be actively promoting on broadcasts.

Source: WStar News


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