130111 Boyfriend Kwangmin is quite knowlegable….looks like it

Kwangmin’s different side to be revealed!

On the 11th at 11PM, through KBS Joy channel broadcast Developing Talent in Childcare variety ‘Boyfriend’s Hello Baby’ 2nd episode will reveal the skills of Boyfriend appas in developing and educating talents of the children.

On today’s broadcast 2 teams will be made to give a full-scale talent education through a mission. The mission includes ‘who can eat jajangmyeon the fastest’, jigsaw puzzles,knowing the stuffed animals and other games.

Everyone’s expectations were to break Kwangmin’s high-records and everything was going the other way around. Kwangmin is known for his 4-dimensional personality. He got overwhelming results for the ‘stuffed animal’ game giving the members a hint about how skilled and knowledgeable he is.

But when Kwangmin dropped his puzzles, the members thought that he only seems to know the name of the animals and not much of anything else. At the jajangmyun eating game, he ran to the bathroom as a result. It seems like his 4-dimensional character is still there to give everyone a laugh every now and then.

On the other hand, today’s broadcast of the audition where 3 babies were chosen for theBaby House will be revealed. ‘Boyfriend’ members will welcome the kids with singing and playing the piano, a party celebration, and announcing the start of Childcare Story. The start of Boyfriend as appas’ Talent-Development Childcare Story episode 2 on the 11th at 11PM, KBS Joy Channel.

source: The Daily Sports World

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