Buy Boyfriend’s I YAH

You can buy Boyfriend’s repackaged album for $21.99 from Yesasia here

Boyfriend Vol. 1 Repackage – I yah (CD + Photobook)

Boyfriend’s first album repackage comes with two additional tracks including the new title song I Yah. The group worked again with hitmaker Sweetune, who also composed Janus, for the funky dance number. Other than the new songs, all the original tracks from Janus are also included in the repackage.
This edition comes with a 100-page photobook and a randomly selected member photo card.

01. 아이야(I yah)
02. Janus
03. 그 곳에 (Standing With U)
04. 내 꿈꿔 (Good Night)
05. Excuse Me
06. 이랬다 저랬다 (Trippin’) [Hyunseong Solo]
07. 미스터리 (Mystery)
08. Go Back
09. Stop It
10. Listen [Donghyun Solo]
11. 잘 지내니 (My Dear) [Jeongmin Solo]
12. 열쇠 (Soulmate)


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