130110 Boyfriend’s “I Yah” reaches #1 on music charts

Boyfriend‘s hard work is paying off ^^ “I Yah” has ranked #1 on various music sites with its release! According to Starship Entertainment, the title song for the repackaged album reached #1 on music charts such as Cyworld and Bugs. Also, as soon as Boyfriend released their album, they became the #1 searched term on portals such as Daum and Naver.

“I Yah” is a song off of their repackaged album of the same name, and is once again produced by hit maker Sweetune like their hit “Janus”. Through the new powerful and upbeat dance track, the group showcases their masculine charms and powerful singing and rapping skills. Child actress Kim So Hyun also makes a cameo as the girl that Boyfriend can’t take their eyes off of in the “I Yah” MV.


One thought on “130110 Boyfriend’s “I Yah” reaches #1 on music charts

  1. you changed the way the website looks o.o
    i liked seeing who made wat comments though + how it was /. .\ (u think u can add that in again???)
    anyway, i am so proud to be a bestfriend! my oppas are so daebak!
    another piece of news is that the day it was released, there were already so many people who remade the video with english sub and each video had more then a 1,000 views in less than a day (close to 2,000!)!

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