130105 Hyunseong Fancafe Update

[현성] 새해^^

우리 베스트프렌드 새해 복 많이 받으세요~!!! 새해 인사가 좀 늦었죠? 멋있는 모습 보여드리려고 모두 열심히 하고 있어요! 기대해주세요!^^ 계속 연습 하느라 아쉽게도 아직 헬로 베이비 모니터를 못했는데..ㅠ 첫방송 어땠나요?! -[B.F현성]

2013.01.05 토요일

[Hyunseong] New Year^^

Our Bestfriend Happy New Year~!!! New Year greetings is a little late right? I’m going to show you a cool look and everyone is hard working! Please wait!^^ Keep busy practice unfortunately I’ve never watch Hello Baby yet..ㅠ How was the first broadcast?! -[B.F Hyunseong]

2013.01.05 Saturday

Source: Boy Friend (남자친구) Facebook Page


One thought on “130105 Hyunseong Fancafe Update

  1. oppa looks so cool and handsome :3
    haha~ oppa is like me x3 we both said “happy new year” late ;P
    oppa! can’t wait ’till your comeback XD

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