121224 Minwoo Facebook Update

[B.F민우] 베프 여러부운~ 오늘은 크리스마스이브네요!! 다들 즐거운시간보내고 계시죠??모두 다같이 크리스마스를 보냈으면 좋을텐데 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 그래두!!!모두 행복한 크리스마스되세요! 모두들 메리크리스마스♥♡

[MinWoo] My BESTFRIENDs, it’s Christmas eve. Are you guys all having a good time? Wish we could spend Christmas all together!
Anyway, wish you a happy Christmas! and Merry Christmas♥♡ —

Source: Boyfriend’s Official Facebook


2 thoughts on “121224 Minwoo Facebook Update

  1. T.T ….
    I wish i could spend my christmas with the oppas even though i dont celebrate christmas ….
    anyway, merry christmas to everyone else who celebrates it and 메리크리스마스 우리 오빠가 (i wonder if i said this right…) !!!!!!

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