121220 Jeoungmin Twitter Update


[B.F정민] 오예! 여러분 설레일준비 되셨나요♥ 예~ 야호!! 케이윌형,소유누나와 함께하는 특별 무대! 오늘 저녁에 꼭 보는거 잊지 마세요~~! 그리고 내일은 스타쉽 플래닛 총 출동! 많이 보러 와주세요!!♥

[JeongMin] Oh Yeah! Are you guys excited♥ Yay~!! A special stage with K.will hyung and SoYou noona! Don’t forget to watch it tonight~~! And it’s going to be the whole starship planet tomorrow night! Please come support us!!♥

Source: Boyfriend’s Facebook Page


3 thoughts on “121220 Jeoungmin Twitter Update

  1. i hope all of them, donghyun oppa, hyunseong, jeongmin, youngmin, kwangmin and min woo will be success in everything they do and keep healthy….take a good care on yourself ok…saranghaeyo…

  2. i wish i could come out and support u my lovely oppas….but i cant
    i’m like half-way around the world from u and you’re not here and i’m not there T.T
    *sigh* hwaiting oppas! from half-way around the world nabila

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