Have a Happy New Year everyone! :)

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010113 Jeongmin Fancafe Update


이쁜 우리 베프들!!!!! 드디어 2013년 새해가 밝았어요~~~ 2012년 한 해동안 함께 해줘서 너무 고마워요!!! 올해는 우리 더 많이많이 사랑하자♥♥ 보이프렌드의 사랑을 받아랏~♥ -[B.F정민]

2013.01.01 화요일
이쁜이들의 남자친구 쩡미니♥

Our pretty Bestfriends!!!!! It’s finally the new year 2013~~~ Thank you for letting us spend this year together with you!!! This year, we’ll send you even more love♥♥ Receive Boyfriend’s love~♥ -[B.F Jeongmin]

2013.01.01 Tuesday

Pretties’ Boyfriend. Jjeongmini♥

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121231 Donghyun Fancafe Update

[동현] 잘 보구 있어여??

오빠 MC 어때요? 모두 잘 보고 있나요? 중국에서 멋진 무대 하고 돌아갈께!!! -[B.F동현]

2012.12.31 월요일
2012년 마지막날 오빠가

[Donghyun] Am I looking well??

How about oppa as a MC ? Everyone, am I looking well? Having a wonderful stage in China and I’ll return back!!! -[B.F Donghyun]

2012.12.31 Monday
Oppa on the last day of 2012

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Boyfriend to star in season 7 of ‘Hello Baby’

Six-member group Boyfriend will be the next idols to become on-screen parents on the 7th season of KBS Joy‘s ‘Hello Baby‘.

The members started shooting for the reality series this December, and the first broadcast is planned for January 4 of 2013 at 11PM KST. From the looks of it, it seems like tots will have to compete to become one of three babies on the show.

Check out the teaser below!

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Boyfriend to release a repackaged album in January

Boyfriend will be making their return with a new repackaged album.

According to Starship Entertainment, the group plans to make their comeback with the release of their repackaged album on January 10th.

The talented group has captured the hearts of many fans by shedding their youthful image for a more mature look with their first full-length album, ‘Janus‘, released in November.

After concluding promotions for “Janus“, Boyfriend shifted their focus to preparing for the five shows of their Japanese concert, which successfully came to an end on December 24th at the Tokyo Dome City Hall.

A representative from Japan stated, “It hasn’t even been a year since they’ve debuted in Japan, but Boyfriend have been met with an explosive response. Boyfriend’s Japanese activities are very noticeable among the sea of K-Pop idols.”

Source: Allkpop

Boyfriend sells outs out all 12,500 seats for their Japanese solo concert

Boyfriend sold out all 5 shows for their live “Love Communication 2012 ~XMAS BELL~” Japanese concert.

Boyfriend held 5 concerts at the Tokyo Dome City Hall from December 22nd to 24th. Each of the 5 showings for the concert sold out completely, totaling to 12,500 fans in all.

Their label Starship Entertainment said, “They sold out all 5 of their Christmas Live Concert shows, and every seat was sold out within 10 minutes“. Even though the group debuted in Japan less than a year ago, they boast of incredible popularity in Japan.

Japanese music experts stated, “Boyfriend’s Japanese activities are very noticeable among the sea of K-Pop idols. It’s not easy to sell out a venue like the Tokyo Dome City Hall 5 times for a group that just debuted.”

Boyfriend expressed, “We spent a joyous time with our fans for our first solo concert. We’re always thankful for the love we receive, and we will be a Boyfriend who continues to work hard and striving to be the best.”

Source: allkpop