121111 Boyfriend to hold special ‘Royal Pass’ event for fans

Boy group Boyfriend, who recently came back with their new title song “Janus“, has left a surprise for fans in copies of their new album!

Boyfriend revealed that 300 copies of their new album, which was released on November 8th, contain a ‘Royal Pass’ card, given to fans to thank them for their support. This special card enables the lucky finder a winter vacation with the members of Boyfriend. Starship Entertainment stated, “Along with the new album, we created this event to create dear memories with the fans of Boyfriend. If you find a Royal Pass, enter the official fan cafe and complete registration by uploading a post under the event.”

With elaborate string and piano sections, as well as a groovy bass, the boys have left their young boy image for a more mature look with “Janus”. The song is about a man who smiles on the outside for the woman he loves when she leaves him, but is hurting on the inside because he doesn’t really want her to leave. He pretends to be nonchalant about breaking up but cries silent tears as she leaves.

The music video for “Janus” was created by Johnny Bros., known for their successful “Midas touch” in the K-pop industry, and includes a set that looks like a European castle. The video accentuates the new, more masculine look of the members of Boyfriend. Members Youngmin and Kwangmin played the two faces represented in the song.

Boyfriend will be promoting “Janus” and working hard on television broadcasts as well, so stay tuned for more!

Source: allkpop


4 thoughts on “121111 Boyfriend to hold special ‘Royal Pass’ event for fans

  1. OH..MY..FRICKIN’..GOD *0*
    aAarGhH!!! even if i bought an album, i probably wouldn’t end up with a pass ; – ;
    even if i ended up with a pass, my parents probably won’t let me go TT.TT
    even if i somehow secretly went, my butt will be smacked off after i get back T.T

    i can withstand getting spankies for as long as i live but i have to get a pass first and with my bad luck…that ain’t never gonna happen T.T aAarGhH!!! wae is my life so.. so.. sooo.. fudgin’ unfair Dx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i shall weep tears of saddness for as long as i live. the reason??? not being able to meet my oppas that i luv so much no matter how many opportunities and chances are thrown at me TT.TT i hate my luck and possibly my life. this has caused me to be in depression ~,~ if i end up going from being hyper and loving the color to blue to becoming emo (no offense to emos) and hating life, u all know the reason ; – : (my eyes cannot produce anymore tears)

    sorry in advance to those who went o.o at wat i wrote and now has a ruined day because they may be in the same situation ,-.-,

  2. oh,bluemoon’s right…even i bought your album,i think it would be impossible for me to have a pass,,and even I got one,I don’t think I can go w/ you because my parents “definitely” won’t let me go! T.T,,my..!!! what kind of fate is this,don’t I have the right to be happy even once????

    I really wish that I can be with BOYFRIEND in the future!!! T_T…^_^

    • high five child, high five T.T
      i have the same exact wish and it is something i pray for everyday T T
      however, i get a feeling it still may not come true TT^TT

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