121110 Donghyun Twitter Update

Translation: [B.F Donghyun] We’re done with our comeback stage till Saturday!! I was really happy that we all met up today despite it being short and that everyone gave us so much support ^^ See you tomorrow. I love you ♥

Original Tweet: [B.F동현] 토요일까지 컴백무대 끝!! 오늘 많은 응원 그리고 짧지만 다 같이 만날수있어서 행복했어요^^ 낼바용 알라븅♥

Source: makwangboi on tumblr and Boyfriend’s official Twitter


One thought on “121110 Donghyun Twitter Update

  1. i would so want some of that cake and eat it with my oppas but….it has so much coloring :p
    what if it tastes bad or makes me sick or worse yet, MAKES MY OPPAS SICK (0.0)
    sorry, food coloring makes me a little queasy ;P

    still congratz my lovely oppas ^^!!
    rest up, dont wanna worry me (or other Bestfriends) by lookin tired ^0^

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