121104 Minwoo Teaser Image

The sixth teaser image! It’s MinWoo! 3 days left ’till comeback!

[보이프렌드 컴백 11월 8일!]
마지막 티저 이미지의 주인공! 보이프렌드의 막내 민우 군 입니다!!
딱 3일만 지나면 보이프렌드가 여러분 곁으로 돌아온답니다!

Source: Starship Entertianment



2 thoughts on “121104 Minwoo Teaser Image

  1. O m G!!!
    minwoo oppa’s really handsome in this teaser image! :)
    you’re the coolest among the other members in your teaser image!!!

    I really like you MinWOO oppa!!,,,,,we’re here to support you,ALWAYS ! :):):)

    YOURS truly:)
    Sittie Aynah_31 ^_^

  2. wah~ such a big change o.o
    my cutie oppa has gone from aegyo to “i-will-rip-ur-head-off-if-u-upset-me” (aka cold)…KEWL ^0^ ~
    haha, luv the new look oppa~! but you’ll always still be a cutie (i think this and i’m his dongsaeng…awkward :P)

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