121101 Youngmin and Kwangmin Teaser

YOUNG MIN & KWANG MIN from their MV set!

영민 & 광민 @ 뮤비 촬영장!
야누스! D-6!

Source: Boyfriend Facebook Page


2 thoughts on “121101 Youngmin and Kwangmin Teaser

  1. the oppas are soo handsome *0*
    the bad thing though is that i can’t tell the difference between the oppas T.T
    because of this, according to donghyun oppa, i’m not a real Bestfriend TT.TT (my heart is now broken and i am frantically doing research to find some major difference or something </3)

  2. i’ve already listened to janus so many times that i forgot to check my email and found out now that i have over 60 mails -.- ….AIGOO =.=” the oppas amazingness has distracted me once again ;P

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