121030 Jeongmin Twitter Update

Original Tweet:

[B.F정민] 여러분 안뇽하세요! 오늘은 팬분들이랑 데이뚜했어여!! 더웠던 러브스타일 활동기간동안 자주 와주셔서 이~만큼 감사해요~ 다음엔 모두 다같이 데이트해용!! 히히 뽀나스로 뽀뽀하려고 물고기 기다리는중-3-

English Translation:

[B.FJeongMin] Hi all! I had a date with our fans today!! Thank you so much for coming to support us during LOVE STYLE promotion even though it was really hot~~ Hope I can date with more fans next time!! Hehe I am waiting to kiss!


Source: Boyfriend’s Official Facebook Page


One thought on “121030 Jeongmin Twitter Update

  1. how..wat..who..why..OMG!! how did that lucky person get a date with jeongmin oppa?!?!
    how do other people get the opportunity to go on a fan date with any celebrity?!?!
    gosh, i “cried” my eyes out after reading this! i soo wanna go on a fan date with all of boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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