121023 Minwoo Fancafe Update

English translation:
[From. Minwoo]

[NOTE: MINWOO IS TYPING IN A VERY, VERY CUTE WAY.] I’m Boyfriend’s cutest member Minwoo

I’m eating food right now
No matter how many times I think of it, I guess Donghyun hyung is really cool
The problem is how to learn to have a charm like him…

Please help…

Source: Boyfriend’s Official Fancafe

Translated by @heebabyy

6 thoughts on “121023 Minwoo Fancafe Update

  1. oppa, boy, u don’t need help with charm! u already have a lot of charm no matter wat u try to do ^^
    u r the cutie of boyfriend and really charismatic ^^
    still, i wonder wat would happen if i met u in real life -^ ^-

  2. oppa,, bluemoon’s ryt,,u don’t need help w/ charm because all of you have that….you’re cuteness is just enough for us and others to like you:) :)

    wink wink;) you’re always cute for me MINWOO oppa! :)

    • exactly! thanks for emphasizing my point NoMinAhyna_31 ^ ^ !!!!
      now all we need to do is get oppa to read this or at least tell him this in real life -.-

  3. you’re right blue moon,,thank you for agreeing w/ me:)
    i just hope that oppa will be able to read all of our posts and comments about him:)

    by the way,,bluemoon,what’s your facebook acount? i want to be frnds w/ u:):).>_<

    • i would so wanna be friends with u too!!
      but… unfortunately, my parents won’t let me make one ToT (waaaa ;[ )
      BUT…i have a twitter ^^ it’s the same username (1stbluemoon) ^^ it has a pic of me in blue and with “listening to boyfriend” written in gold on it ^^ i don’t go on it much though…
      also, yeah! i wish the oppas could read our comments!!! that would be awesome and a dream come true if they commented back T.T

  4. oh,so that’s it.why wouldn’t they let you have one..?,,by the way,my name in facebook is sittie aynah manda,,you can search it anytime if you want…. :D also, I want to inform you that i forgot my password on my twitter account and i don’t know how to retrieve it:) :) :)

    hmm,what means could i use to know you,,,i wish there are other means of communications out there:) :) :) anyways.i still hope that we can be friends :):):)

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