121023 Donghyun Fancafe Update

I’m Boyfriend’s sexy Leader, Donghyun!

Looking at the photobook memories….

Every member was very young at that time…

Now… Everyone grew up a bit ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

But, our maknae ★Minwoo★ was really handsome, cool, kind listens well and now without any changes, really kind, handsome, cool, listens well, pretty and… eum… he gets more handsome and taller and kind….

Eoh, I’m writing this entry… suddenly…
Donghyun hyung called..!!!!!!!
Let’s eat ㅇㅅㅇ
We’re going to eat now, wanna go eat together?
What to eat~~~

P.S. Youngmin’s stupid.

Source: Boyfriend’s Official Fancafe
Translated by @heebabyy

2 thoughts on “121023 Donghyun Fancafe Update

  1. kekekekeke~ , he said youngmin’s stupid xD
    i wonder wat youngmin oppa did to donghyun oppa for him to say this ;j
    yeah, i do want to eat with u oppa!! wanna comeover to my palce with the other oppas for a ramyun party 8) ???

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