121022 Minwoo Fancafe Update

Original: [민우] 아이고.. 추워! ㅇㅅㅇ

아이고.. 추워라!! 가을 비가 내려요>_< 우리 베프 보고싶다~~♥ 추우니까 모두 감기 조심하기! ㅇㅅㅇ -[B.F민우]

2012.10.22 월요일

비 내리는 월요일에 민우가!

English Translation: [Minwoo] Aigoo.. cold !ㅇㅅㅇ

Aigoo.. It’s cold!! It’s raining >_< I want to see our Bestfriends~~♥ The weather is cold so be careful to…

Source: Boyfriend’s Official Fancafe


3 thoughts on “121022 Minwoo Fancafe Update

  1. ommo! oppa! just what did you do w/ your hairstyle?? who gave you that idea??

    oppa,,,whatever your hairstyle is,you look good in it,
    but i think i like your previous hairstyle the most,,
    ,the one in your LOVESTYLE:):) :)

    anyhows,i still like you minwoo oppa! :)

  2. woah o.o ….um no offense oppa but i like the previous hairstyle…u still look great though ^^’

    yeah i wanna see u to but that will only happen if u come to new york -.- …… why is life so cruel T.T !!!

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