121016 Facebook + Fancafe Updates

BOYFRIEND went to school today~~!!
Minwoo and the twins!


Original Post:

[광민] 학교!! 셋이서 학교에 왔어요!!!!! 벌써 노랑색 교복이 어울리는 가을이라니! 시간이 참 빨리 가는 것 같아요~~~ 보이프렌드도 곧??ㅋㅋㅋ -[B.F광민] 2012.10.16 화요일 노랑이 KM
English Translation: 
[KwangMin] Three of us came to school!!! Already matching yellow uniforms! Time goes by so quickly, I think ~ ~ ~ boyfriend soon? Blah blah – [BF KwangMin ] 10/16/2012 Tuesday yellow KM

Source:  Boyfriend (보이프렌드), BOYFRIEND’s Official FanCafe

Translated by: Boyfriend World (남자 친구 월드)

Unfortunately, I didn’t go to school today because I am sick :(


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