121009 Hyunseong’s Fancafe Update

Original Post: [현성] 222222222등!
앗싸!!! 2등!ㅋㅋㅋ 점심 먹었어요 다들~? 전 점심먹고 디저트로 사과쥬~th~~ -[B.F현성]

2012.10.09. 화요일
2등 심현성

English Translation: [Hyunseong] 222222222nd place!
Yay!!! 2nd place!ㅋㅋㅋ Everyone already eat lunch~? I eat apple juice as a dessert after having lunch~th~~ -[B.F Hyunseong]

2012.10.09. Tuesday
2nd place Shim Hyunseong


Source: Boyfriend’s Official Fancafe

Translation by: @G_GirlFriend


One thought on “121009 Hyunseong’s Fancafe Update

  1. omo! good job oppa! but…for what did u win 2nd place for o.o???
    also, LOVES UR HAIR!! it keeps changing and i luv it how it is ^^!!

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