121012 Boyfriend Facebook + Fancafe Update

YoungMin reading a book :)

Original Post: [영민] 3!
3등이면 상위권이죠??? 점심 먹고 난 뒤에는 독서를… 가을은 남자의 계절… -[B.F영민]

2012.10.09 화요일
3등 가을남자 영민


English Translation: [Youngmin] 3!
If 3rd place it’s top right??? After lunch I’m reading at the back… Autumn man’s season… -[B.F Youngmin]

2012.10.09 Tuesday
3rd place autumn man Youngmin


Source: Boyfriend’s Official Fancafe, Boyfriend (보이프렌드)

Translated by @G_GirlFriend


I wonder what book is he reading?



One thought on “121012 Boyfriend Facebook + Fancafe Update

  1. it’s a manga!! i luvs mangas!!!!! oppa!! nabs wants to see/read the book you’re reading!! show it to me now!! (but i think he’s just flipping through the pages..)

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