121009 Gwangju Chungjang Festival Opening Celebration

Here are some fan videos of Boyfriend at the Gwangju Chungjang Festival Opening Celebration. ^^

The videos are mostly Hyunseong focused.

The first one is of Boyfriend talking.


The second video is of Boyfriend performing Love Style.


In this video they are performing Boyfriend.


This one is their performance of I’ll Be There


Source:이오 转自, BoyFriend吧官方微博


One thought on “121009 Gwangju Chungjang Festival Opening Celebration

  1. wah~ hyunseong oppa focused videos!! yay!! oppa saranghae <3 <3 <3!!! go twinnie!!

    vid 1: yup. the oppas have definitely converted to black hair. how will we tell the difference between the jo twins now? oh well, still luv them lots and even more because they are showing off their natural hair ^^

    vid 2: wah~ !! the oppas have definitely gotten better at live performance ^^ !! hyunseong oppa is doing great at it too!! no one would believe he wasn't good on stage before (not my opinion, it's wat oppa said) ^^

    vid 3: wah~ hyunseong oppa looks so relaxed and comfortable on stage! that is definitely wat he is set out to do ^^ oppa keeps shaking his head to the side to get the bangs out of his eyes…JUST LIKE ME !!! this is why i say hyunseong oppa is my twinnie!!

    vid 4: oppa is smiley on stage ^^ that's how u can tell that he is really happy about being on stage ^^ also, he keeps waving at the fans!! this means that oppa now has a lot of fans!! he doesn't have to feel sad anymore because he can finally see all his fans!!

    Oppa, will u smile at me and talk to me? plz say YES!!! u look so charismatic in these videos!! u r totally focused on looking good on stage and smiling at us bestfriends that u just make me go WAH~ *o* . i want to hug u so bad and make u happy and be by ur side and the sides of all the boyfriend oppas!!

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