121007 Boyfriend’s Message for their 500th Day

[Jeongmin] Although until now and forever ~ ♥
500 days!
Our Bestfriends,
Bestfriends nice
Bestfriends precious
Bestfriends cute,
Bestfriends miss them,
Bestfriends interesting
Bestfriends Boyfriend who know only,
Bestfriends waiting for us,
In a while!
Please wait ~ ♥
^ ^ I’ll be there!

[Minwoo] Wow -. – Incredible!

Kekeke, 500 days …..
Somehow you realize .. Right?
I say, “Let’s play somewhere, and that is our day 500!”
but … reality ㅜ ㅅ ㅜ
Although we can not be together, our hearts still one ..!
People congratulate us … Also our Bestfriends!
Thank you very much … ㅠ ㅠ sorry too but know they do not have in our hearts?
From the bottom of our hearts ..!

[DongHyun] I Love You

– Chukhachukhachu
Oppa is more handsome in the future
Thank you!
and I’ll treat you better ~ ♥ Thank you ^ ^
For their congratulations and support, thanks! ♥

[Youngmin] I can not believe they are our 500 days and …

There would our 500 days if not estubieran our Bestfriends.
Please wait a bit and we will meet again with a better picture.

[KWANGMIN] are now 500 days since we met!

Time flies so fast …
We have many memories between us ~ ~
I’ll be happy, even if you think at any time in our Bestfriends.
Come by 1000 days, 1500 days, 2000 days!
Our Boyfriend, fighting!

[HYUNSEONG] We will stay for long, Bestfriends ~

I Love You!
I do not know if our Bestfriends are doing well,
But they are preparing something special now ~ ^ ^
We are anticipating right?!
I will not say right now, but it will be good if you anticipate ^ ^


Source: Best Boyfriend (Facebook Fan Page)


One thought on “121007 Boyfriend’s Message for their 500th Day

  1. awww i luv the oppas’ message!! it has touched my maum <3 ~
    oppas saranghae and hope to meet u soooooo bad!! i luv u now and 4ever and miss u and wanna be with u and hope u give us more awesome songs but take the rest u need when u need it!!

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