121006 Jeongmin Twitter Udpate


Original Tweet: [B.F정민] 보이프렌드가 데뷔한지 500일 되었어요!!!!! 우리 베프 사랑 받아서 너무 행복해요♥ 곧 멋진 남자가 되어 돌아올 저희 보이프렌드 많이 기대해주세요+_+!! 감사합니다! 늘 사랑하고 있어요♥ [출처: 보이프렌드 공식트위터 2012.10.6.]

Translation: [JeongMin] 500 days since our debut!!! We are so grateful for your love, BESTFRIEND♥ We will come back to you guys soon +_+!! Thank you! Love always♥

Source: Boyfriend’s official twitter, Boyfriend (보이프렌드 Facebook Page

Happy 500 days to Boyfriend!


4 thoughts on “121006 Jeongmin Twitter Udpate

  1. wah ~ the oppa’s have come such a long way!!
    oppas saranghae forever <3 !! hope u become on top of the kpop world!!
    i listen to ur songs everyday and will give u my full support forever and ever
    hope u guys get better and better and also remember to take rests and have fun ^^

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