120923 Boyfriend Facebook Updates

HyunSeong, DongHyun and YoungMin
@ Hallyu Dream Concert in Kyungju (23.09.2012)

It was so great to see you guys! :)
BOYFRIEND @ Dearberry in Daegu!

여러분들 만나서 즐거웠어요! :)
보이프렌드 @ 대구 디어베리 매장

Source: Boyfriend (보이프렌드)


10 thoughts on “120923 Boyfriend Facebook Updates

  1. wah~ the oppas look so handsome!! look at hyunseong oppa’s new hairstyle ^0^!! omg he looks good in it but he looked good before too ^^!!

    wonder how the oppas did at the dream concert… raindropalicia, can you try to post a video of the oppas peroforming there????

  2. I am very happy to get your e-mail. I miss you for a long time. I think you will be so great in dream concert. I want to see it. Be Happy! Boyfriend fighting!

  3. OMG sorry I only know English but I love you guys!!!
    I really like Jo YoungMin he is so cute!!
    And he was born 24/4/95 and i was born 18/4/95 i can not believe he is 17 he dose not look the same age as me :p

    • hey there! actually it’s ‘youngmin OPPA’ not ‘appa’
      ‘appa’ means dad in korean….
      i’m only correcting u because it looked weird as youngmin appa and i don’t think/hope that will happen anytime soon ;P ^^
      sorry if i made u feel awkward!!!

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