Minwoo Fancafe Update

Original Message:

[From. 영민♡] 저는 쌍둥이형 영민

저는 카리스마 담당 쌍둥이형 영민입니다.
광민아 사랑해♥

다들 미안해요 ‘ㅅ’ 속았죠…???
사실 저는……………………… 민우..ㅇㅅㅇ^^
영민이가 글을 안남긴지 너무 오래된것같아서…
반가워하셨던분들… 죄송해요ㅎㅎㅎㅎ헿 진심으로 화만 내지말아주세요;;;;;;;;;;;;;

그냥… 다들 보고싶어서 글남겼다용
저는 또 비가오니까… 이번엔 어깨랑 목도 결리네요ㅇ-ㅇ
삭신이 ㅠㅜ

다들… 민우 안보고싶으신지..?
보고싶은사람손! … 들어도안보이니까 진짜들지는말아용

English Translation:
[From Youngmin♡] I’m twins hyung Youngmin!

I’m charisma responsible twins hyung Youngmin.
Kwangmin ah I love you♥

I’m sorry everyone ‘ㅅ’ gotcha…???
In fact I am……………………… Minwoo..ㅇㅅㅇ^^
I think Youngmin didn’t post for a long time…
The people who liked us… I’m sorryㅎㅎㅎㅎ헿 Please don’t be mad at me;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Just because… I post this because I missed you all
It’s rainy today so I… I feel painful at my neck and shouldersㅇ-ㅇ
All of body ㅠㅜ

Everyone… Don’t you miss Minwoo..?
If you miss put your hands up! … If you put your hands up, but you can’t see me so don’t do that for real!

Source: BOYFRIEND’s Daum Cafe
Translated by: @G_GirlFriend


2 thoughts on “Minwoo Fancafe Update

  1. Hi My Name Is Bernadine I’m Turning 13 This September 20, I Live Here In The Phillipines.. My Biggest Dream Was To Meet You Guys But Since We Are So Far Away.. I Would Love To Give You Guys The Best Wishes And Lots Of Love… I Watched The Reality Program Called “Wonder Boy” In MTV . You Guys Are Really Funny, Sometimes My Dad And My Brother Would Get Mad At Me For Laughing Out Loud At Home, They Kinda Think It’s Annoying… But That Doesn’t Stop Me From Being A Huge Fan Of You Guys, I Love It When Hyunseong And Jeongmin Would Sing In A Perfect Harmony.. I Like It When I Look At Donghyun How He Takes Good Care Of You Guys, Sometimes I Get To Daydream Of Him As My Older Brother. I Would Feel So Exited To Get Up And Dance When I See Minwoo Dancing, He’s Really Good At It, I’m Even Part Of My School’s Dance Troupe, But Just For A Year Since I’m Going To High School Next School Year, But I’m Not That Good I Still Need More Skills, Sometimes In My Sleep He’s Awesome Dancing Still Can’t Get Off My Mind. I Laugh Non-Stop By Watching The Twins, Kwangmin And Youngmin, Since They’re Really Funny, Sometimes I Try To Get Funnier Like Them But It Turns Out My Friends Won’t Laugh, But After Watching TV Programs Of Boyfriend, I Kinda Realize How The Twins Don’t Really Sit Or Stay Beside Each Other, I Hope And Pray That The Twins Would Do That. I Know I Was Late On Noticing You Guys, I Just Knew BOYFRIEND When I Accidentally Pressed The Remote Of The TV To The Channel “MTV” Where Boyfriend: Wonder Boy” Was Showing And That Time I Fell In Love With You Guys, You Guys Are Amazing!!! It’s Like Each One Of You Guys Is Truly A Wonder Boy.. Even Though I Might Not Get A Chance To Meet You Guys, But I Really Love To, But I Just Wish You Guys The Best…. Boyfriend FIGHTING!!

    <3 나는 당신을 사랑합니다 <3

    – Bernadine Anne S. Sun

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