120906 Youngmin Fancafe Update

Original Message:

English Translation:

No Minwoo is… So this is what happened with Minwoo when I left for schedule..

Because it was so cute and bitable…. It is to die for~~~~~ kekekekeke

Ah!!! It has been a while. I’ve been keeping too low a profile on the Official Fancafe lately that I feel sorry to so many people~~~

Are our Bestfriends doing fine without getting heaty???

Are you not answering me!!!!!!!!!! Please answer me right now with a huge ‘YES~~~~~~’

Well done~~~~ Applause~~~

Those who didn’t say yes, I hope you are prepared kekekeke

Nowadays the weather is so good seriously ㅠㅠㅠ

Why is the weather so good….

I wanna go and play… No!!!! I need to practice

Because I need to show Bestfriends a better image~~~~~

I’ve done well right????

Ah… Please visit the Official Fancafe often enough?

Got it. I’m kind so I’ll work hard to come here more often

No already!!

It’s time for us to part but we’ll meet again next time ~~ ♪

You miss us right??

I miss Bestfriends too

Please hang on a little while longer. We’ll be back with a huge bang~~~

So bye~~~~

Charisma Youngmin


Translated by: makwangboi.tumblr.com
Source: Boyfriend’s Official Fancafe


4 thoughts on “120906 Youngmin Fancafe Update

  1. ♥ luv u oppa ♥!! miss u and wanna be with u!!
    oppa, good job *pats on head while standing on tippy-toes* (he’s too tall for me ;P) but u should take some breaks too or else u won’t have fun!! listen to my advice!!! also, komawo oppa for thinking about me ^.^ (even if it’s not directly :[…)

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