Full PV for “Be My Shine”

Boyfriend has released the full PV for their first Japanese single, “Be My Shine”!

Back on July 1st, the group completed their debut Japanese showcase at the Budokan. Boyfriend made the biggest K-pop showcase debut to date by gathering 40,000+ fans over four days at one of the biggest concert venues in the country. The crowd went wild once the boys began performing Sweetune and Matsui Goro‘s first collaboration track, “Be My Shine“.

The track was officially released in Japan on August 22nd and it topped the Oricon Daily Chart. Additionally, their high touch event in Japan brought in more than 48,000 fans.

Check out the full PV below!

Source: Tokyohive


2 thoughts on “Full PV for “Be My Shine”

  1. awwwwwww……………
    they look sooooo cute in this video……. :D :D
    they look like ANGELS <3
    thnkxxxx raindropalicia …………

  2. wah~ thanks for this post (been waiting for the whole video but couldn’t find it ^^)
    the oppas look simply amazing in this mv ♥.♥!! i love the beginning part and the way the song sounds !!! minwoo oppa’s lip singing was a little weird in this (no offense)
    seriously though, i just can’t get over how much i luv this mv and song!!!! the oppa’s voices r sooo omg amazing and beautiful as always!! i luv the part at 0:45 when hyunseong oppa turns around and also 1:35 when youngmin oppa is singing and he lifts his eyebrow slightly (he looks soo hot when he does that ♥///♥) and the way the rapper oppas rap (i luv korean rapping ♥///♥)

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