120827 Donghyun Fancafe Update

[동현] 이쁜이들~~^^

우리 이쁜이들은 모두 꿈나라에? 태풍 온다니까 다들 비 조심 감기 조심하구! 잘자고 좋은 꿈 꿔요♥ -[B.F동현]?

2012.08.27일 월요일
Source: Boyfriend’s Fancafe

4 thoughts on “120827 Donghyun Fancafe Update

  1. hehehe, oppa called us pretties ^///^
    he looks so handsome/hot in this pic….and comfy ;P
    thanks oppa for worrying about me but i’m in america so i guess i’ll be safe ^^

  2. i guess we all are pretties so……………
    thnkxxxxx oppa 4 calling us pretties………….. :D :D
    he luks amazing in dis pic……………

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