120625 Minwoo Twitter Update

Original Tweet: [B.F민우] 여러분! 드디어 오늘밤 8시에!!
SBS MTV에서 보이프렌드의 원더보이가 첫방송을 한대요>.<!! 재미있게 열심히 촬영했으니 많이들 봐주세요~ㅎㅎ 본방 사수 할꺼죠??!!



12 thoughts on “120625 Minwoo Twitter Update

  1. it’s like there’s a virus even though there none everynight i think about the update i’m really curios can i have a question to you can you see the picture right now?

  2. maybe they can’t post min woo’s twitter update cuz its a video i’ve seen it just now go to this website (weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com) there you’ll surely see it

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