12 thoughts on “120616 Boyfriend on Music Core

  1. this time they did pretty good on stage (yay!! na nomu hangbokke ^^!!—>i’m sooo happy ^^!!) (trying out my korean)

    it was kind of upsetting and discouraging in the first song when no one was screaming for them (if i was there, that might have been they only thing you hear from me ^^) still, at the same time it was good no one screamed since the song sounded better without the screaming ^-^
    P.S. i really wanna learn their dance!!! also, in the second song, wat were the girls screaming?? does anyone know?

  2. hey ppl~ u guys should try to see boyfriend w academy online (maybe on youtube) i just started today and i really like it since it shows off the real personalites of the boyfriend members ^^
    also see boyfriend’s coffee prince parody!! it’s sooo cute and funny!!

  3. omg omg omg omg omg omg boyfriend will be here in the philippines at july 28 2012 at sm mall of asia center stage must go there are you going blue moon with special guest ” “boyfriend”

    • extremely unfortunately, i’m not going cause it’s in a whole other country and my family doesn’t travel much and i would probably be busy with my research ='( ='(
      *sigh* it probably would have been fun to go and meet many other bestfriends (we might have finally met in real life too!) *sigh* why is life so cruel and mine so ironic!!

      also, wat do you mean by special guest “boyfriend”?

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