120614 Boyfriend Love Style MV


6 thoughts on “120614 Boyfriend Love Style MV

  1. wooOooOoo! that was soooo awesome!! i wish it had english and romanian sub but it’s still soooo awesome i’m bouncing off the walls >.<!!!
    this song and video just make me feel soooo happy ;D that i think i might actually finally write a fan fic for boyfriend!!!!

    • P.S. i can’t believe i forgot to add this but i have to say that i like how everyone got a fair share for view time (in other videos, i’ve noticed that hyunseong wasn’t shown as much) and that they’re all soooo off the wall, insanely charismatic in that video i am just IN LOVE <3

  2. This is is amazing! When you first hear it, it sounds weird, but when they put the singing together, BAM!!! Awesome song right there.

  3. i listen to this song soooo much now @^.^@ !! even my niece are crazy about it!! this song shows why boyfriend is the definition of charismatic ;D!!

    P.S. this —>@^.^@ is supposed to be someone listening to music in case someone went “wat the heck : / ?” when they saw it ^^ ;P

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