Boyfriend’s Minwoo reveals his chocolate abs

Boyfriend’s Minwoo is receiving much attention after revealing his chocolate abs.

A post surfaced on an online community board stating, “Boyfriend’s Minwoo! He’s a devious character as he has these kind of abs with his face!“, along with a snapshot taken at the filming site.

As Minwoo reveals his hidden chocolate abs, fellow member Jungmin looks on, seemingly unable to take his eyes off Minwoo.

Fans commented, “Is this for real?“, “He has a baby face, but wow!“, and “Minwoo’s abs are daebak“.

In related news, Boyfriend will be making a comeback on June 14th with a new mini album, ‘LOVE STYLE‘.

Source: allkpop

wow I saw this picture on tumblr but I didn’t know it was Minwoo :O


14 thoughts on “Boyfriend’s Minwoo reveals his chocolate abs

  1. daebak *o*
    u would never expect minwoo to have those abs *o*
    he looks like such a sweet, and innocent person that no one would suspect him of hiding that…..*o*

      • not really….i googled the other guy’s name and saw some pictures and he looks different than minwoo oppa …. but then again they might look alike

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