120621 Boyfriend Staff Diary Update

[Photo] Leaving a BOYFRIEND “Love Style” comeback travel-story!


This is Boyfriend’s fan-club representative.

Earlier, I’ve been thinking of a new story to tell

It’s been a month~^^

The hot weather of summer has finally began.

Because of the hot weather, it’s quite difficult to move around a lot~

Although it is uncomfortable in Summer,

Then (they) will give out a calm feeling (to you)

Have you guys seen our BOYFRIEND‘s comeback stage for “Love Style”?^ㅁ^

The members would like to make a lot of memories with the fans

They also prepared a cute event?

It’s the members’ first time to think of such ideas for an event so they might be lacking

But they hope to make a lot of happy memories with everyone

Please take a good look at BOYFRIEND’s cute heart~~*_*!


The reason I came today

Is to show with you the hidden story of the members on their comeback!!

I’ve been together with the BOYFRIEND members for 4days and 3nights of their comeback,

Would you like to see it?^_^

How was the Travel Story together with BOYFRIEND?
Did you find out the members’ hidden appearances a little?^^

Jeongmin really really wanted me to put up his pictures here for fans to view his photo parade~ 

Please look forward to the next story as well~^0^/


Source: Boyfriend Daum Cafe
Translated by: imzee|weloveboyfriend

Click on the long picture to view it bigger ^^



I know I haven’t been posting much for a while but I won’t be able to post at all until August 10th. I’m leaving in the morning to go to Quebec for and then on July 1st I’m going to camp for 6 weeks. There is limited internet access at camp :/ When I come back I’ll post a lot. I’m going to miss Boyfriend :(


[120623] Minwoo Fancafe Message

[From. Minwoo♡] 1 person leaving a post in a really super long time

Because I’ve been practicing…
I haven’t had time to leave a post on the cafe…

I’m sorry… het★

 ㅋㅋㅋ Did you all see us come out on the live broadcast?? ㅇㅅㅇ
Don’t just support us in front of the TV but come out and watch us ㅜㅜ

You’re all just hiding huh? ㅋㅋ
Ah! Tomorrow we have pre-recording at Music Core!!!!!!!!!
Next week too!!!!!!!! 2 shots!!

I……don’t have to say this for you to understand right? heheheheheh

\@.@\To all our pretty Bestfriends, mehrong♥

Source: Boyfriend Official Fancafe
Translated by: jaein  @ boyfriend-translations

120625 Minwoo Twitter Update

Original Tweet: [B.F민우] 여러분! 드디어 오늘밤 8시에!!
SBS MTV에서 보이프렌드의 원더보이가 첫방송을 한대요>.<!! 재미있게 열심히 촬영했으니 많이들 봐주세요~ㅎㅎ 본방 사수 할꺼죠??!!