120519 Minwoo Twitter Update

Original Tweet: [B.F:민우] 우와 오늘 상해 팬미팅이 끝났어요! 다들 너무 많이 도와주시고 응원해주셔서 잘 끝날 수 있었던것 같아요•-• 앞으로두 이런 기회가 많았으면! 모두들 감사합니다!! 한국에서도 곧 만나요~ 보프가 간다

English Translation: [B.F: Minwoo] wow today’s Shanghai fanmeeting is over! I think everyone had helped cheering on us really well to the end •-• I hope we’ll have a lot of opportunity like this in the future! Thank you everyone!! I’ll see you soon in Korea~ Boyfriend is going http://twitpic.com/9mtufv

Translated by: 상희 for YoungminBiased

Source: Boyfriend’s Twitter

Taken from: zelinair on tumblr


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