Question :)

I didn’t post for a really long time again. Sorry! I keep going on tumblr and spending too much time there :( I’ll try really hard to post everyday!!

Here’s a question for all of you ^^ Which of you have met/seen any kpop stars and if you have, who?


7 thoughts on “Question :)

  1. i think iv bragged about this before… 1st-SMtown 2010. sat in the crappiest seat and literally used binoculars to see everyone…. 2nd-2011 half-year special music bank!!! best day of my life. i can talk about my experience there, which was very atypical and not what i expected.

    • Wow even if the seat was bad you’re really lucky you got to see SMTown T__T I would be so happy to see Super Junior!!! and music bank must have been amazing. I want to go to Korea D: Well I’ve seen Teen Top, G.NA, Brian Joo and A Pink :) I love Teen Top (especially L.Joe) and Brian Joo is awesome too. I don’t care about G.NA or A Pink though. I could have seen FT Island but my parents wouldn’t let me :/

      • how did u see them? ehh, i don’t really lik teen top. chunji’s red hair is cute on him i havta admit… i cud go stalk snsd and suju and tvxq this month at airport cuz of google concert but parents wont let me… most memorable events at mubank- youngmin wave at me and 2pm walked right past me after it was over but ppl didnt care and i didnt even notice until later. lol! (i was quite upset when kawngmin said he never met american fan in W academy when my poster said “i love you boyfriend – american fan” [in korean of course])

      • I saw them when they came to Toronto in March :) I wish I could go see SJ T__T I could have seen Yunho at the airport but I’m not his fan anyway. Wow so cool >< ~ I remember you said about Youngmin before. I don't really like 2pm. Maybe he forget ;__;

  2. im seeing suju at google concert. :D (and snsd and f(x), which im super duper excited 4) finally im seeing super generation close up. im thinking of holding up a sign that says “SISTAR, please tell BOYFRIEND i said hi!”

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