120519 Jeongmin at Incheon Airport

They were going to Shanghai.


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120526 Donghyun Twitter Update

[B.F동현] 보이프렌드의 366일째 아침이 밝았어요! 보이프렌드의 2주년을 향한 두번째 페이지 시작! 팬 여러분들의 응원에 행복했던 1년이었어요^^ 베스트프렌드 넘 고마워요! 앞으로도 함께 고고~?! 사랑해용~♥

Translation: I’ll post it later


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120526 Boyfriend – Fan Cafe Update


[From.] One year already!!!!!!!

We have met for one year~ He
We are going to end our practice soon. so I’m writing now..!! ke
Wa~ Time really passes so fast..??!! Hehe
Our BestFriend, during such a busy period
Still continues to give us real support Really very very grateful..!!
I think I’m always never able to do better, so I’m sorry..

Now the time left to meeting everyone is drawing closer..!!! +_+
Even though I’ve never said much, but because you’ve always been there
Thank you will always be thank you
Alright, then!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to sleep

(Member who left this update forgot to include his name)

translations: MiNi (Kor-Chi)
honeyrinayu | weloveBoyfriend.wordpress.com (Chi-Eng)

120526 Donghyun – Fan Cafe Update



[From. Donghyun♡] ❤26th May The first time we met, and today❤

How are our dear BestFriend??
What’s the day today?????
Busy night, what a busy night!
Today is the one year anniversary of the first time we met ah
Why am I writing these at such a late time? Kekeke
Want to see our BestFriend soon!
I will always be grateful to you all, in the future
In a thousand years, 10 thousand years, we will always be together, my love!!!!!!
Anticipating! Really anticipating!!
I’ll be there with the members
See you~~~!!

I love you BestFriend ♡

translations: MiNi (Kor-Chi)
honeyrinayu | weloveBoyfriend (Chi-Eng)

120519 Minwoo Twitter Update

Original Tweet: [B.F:민우] 우와 오늘 상해 팬미팅이 끝났어요! 다들 너무 많이 도와주시고 응원해주셔서 잘 끝날 수 있었던것 같아요•-• 앞으로두 이런 기회가 많았으면! 모두들 감사합니다!! 한국에서도 곧 만나요~ 보프가 간다

English Translation: [B.F: Minwoo] wow today’s Shanghai fanmeeting is over! I think everyone had helped cheering on us really well to the end •-• I hope we’ll have a lot of opportunity like this in the future! Thank you everyone!! I’ll see you soon in Korea~ Boyfriend is going http://twitpic.com/9mtufv

Translated by: 상희 for YoungminBiased

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For My Boyfriend Fan Project

This is another project by the collaborative Korean fanmasters who started FOR MY BOYFRIEND for Boyfriend’s 1st Anniversary Fan project.

They encourage as many Bestfriends as possible to join! I’ve translated the details below so PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY.

Write ‘보이프렌드 사랑해’ (I love Boyfriend in Korean) take a photo and send it. (Please write that phrase IN KOREAN. It has been asked if International fans can state their countries below and the fanmasters said YES. Do remember to write your countries below preferably in English/Korean or both is possible too)

It can be a placard, typed, handwritten etc.. (As long as it is written out or the words are formed out, it will be accepted)

Express your love for Boyfriend with that 8-syllable phrase

The size of the photo has to be 2000pixel and above(Those who cannot save it as 2000pixel and above just make sure your photo quality is 300dpi.That is the standard pixel size for high quality photos) 

Send it to km_b424@hanmail.net with the email title <’보이프렌드 사랑해’ 사진>

** Deadline for the project: Monday, May 21, 2012 **

Questions: You can either tweet @boyfriend_union or if you need help asking them in Korean you can tweet me @makwangboi

I hope lots of Bestfriends would join in on this project and make it a memorable one for Boyfriend’s 1st Anniversary!!

CREDITS: makwangboi 


120405 Boyfriend Dearberry Photo Update

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