Happy Birthday to Youngmin and Kwangmin!!

Today (April 24th) is Youngmin and Kwangmin’s birthday. They’re 17 now (18 for Korean age) so happy birthday to the lovely twins ^^

It’s been ages since I posted anything. I’m really sorry!!! I’ll start posting daily again like I used to because I still love Boyfriend (especially Jeongmin)!

You can follow me on tumblr if you want (raindropalicia.tumblr.com) I reblog stuff on there almost everyday but it’s not about Boyfriend.


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Youngmin and Kwangmin!!

  1. Happy Birthday YoungMin and KwangMin..
    Ku Bner brharap bisa ucapin selamet secara langsung tapi, buat kn korea cuman mimpi,,
    Oppa aku sayang ama kalian,,¿
    akuSuka keterampilan dan sifat’a YoungMin, yg pendiam tpi, Ttep krend, penuh dgn karisma…^^
    kwangMin penuh dgn keceriaan di setiap hari nya,,
    Semoga Kalian tmbah dewasa yach oppa,
    and Fokus ama pekerjaan oppa,,¿
    Luphh’U oppa..!!!¿
    Yunitha Sayang bgt ma oppa..!^^!
    Yunitha pengen jadi SARANGHANEUN’aa oppa,,
    Blehh kan oppa ku Sayang…

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