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Boyfriend Shows Off a Classy Look in a Black and White Pictorial

Boyfriend recently gained lots of attention in the online world through a black and white photoshoot.

In the shots, the six members showed off a look that contrasted from their familiar cute image by sporting chic suits. The juxtaposition of their innocent and boyish faces with the manly and mature outfits created a look that sent many fans’ hearts aflutter. This black and white photoshoot is rumored to have been shot for a large cosmetics company advertisement.

Netizens who viewed the photos commented, “Are they making a comeback soon?” , “What is the photoshoot for?” and, “They certainly matured a lot!

In related news, Boyfriend recently signed a contract with Japanese management agency ‘Bing‘, which houses major artists like B’zZARD, and Kuraki Mai, and will be launching a debut showcase on June 30th.

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120421 Boyfriend at Goyang KPOP Festival.

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120413 Boyfriend at Salon

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