120210 Jeongmin’s Twitter update

 Original Tweet:

[B.F:정민] 졸업이네요„,ㅠㅠ벌써 !! 학교를 떠나서 이제 사회인^ㅆ^ 열심히 음악하겠습니다♥축하해주신 모든분들 감사합니다! twitpic.com/8hw599 twitpic.com/8hw59g

English Translations:

[B.F:Jeongmin] Graduated„,ㅠㅠalready !! Leaving school now for the society^ㅆ^ I’ll keep on working hard♥Thank you everyone for congratulating! twitpic.com/8hw599 twitpic.com/8hw59g

Source: BoyFriend’s Twitter

Translated by: imzee at weloveboyfriend


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