Boyfriend W Academy – Vote for your favourite member

Vote for your favourite Boyfriend member here (Choose your B.F) on Global Mnet. Watch each members UCC there too if you haven’t already. Youngmin currently has the most votes, followed by Minwoo, then Kwangmin, Jeongmin and Donghyun. Hyunseong has the least votes. :(

You can vote again after an hour.

Jeongmin is my favourite and Donghyun is second for me ^^


8 thoughts on “Boyfriend W Academy – Vote for your favourite member

  1. If I’m a Bestfriend I would want to show equal love to every Boyfriend member. That’s why let’s all vote for Hyunseong, because our Mr. Expensive has the least votes :'(
    All Boyfriend members should feel loved. We already can see that the Maknae-Line has a lot of points. But the Hyung-Line not so much … That’s why please vote for the older member’s instead of your bias from now on <3 We somehow have to manage that the voting results ends up with the same amount of points for each member ^^ Please show your support to every boy ^o^

      • Thank you so much for supporting ^^
        I somehow feel and noticed that Hyunseong always believes that he is unloved and the least known and recognized member out of Boyfriend :'( That’s not true! …
        It’s sad to see him like this >_<
        That's why we need to share our love for everyone among Boyfriend <3

      • guys dont worry, sooner or later he will get popular. this aways happens, like snsd hyoyeon, shinee onew, suju shindong, etc. just wait and his popularity will grow

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